'The Lying Game' Recap: Best of 'Escape from Sutton Island'
'The Lying Game' Recap: Best of 'Escape from Sutton Island'
On this week's episode of The Lying Game, Emma (Alexandra Chando) tries to learn the truth from Eduardo (Rick Malambri) and Sutton (Chando) finally gets a face-to-face with Annie Hobbs (Stacy Edwards).

Eduardo spills the beans. Sort of: Eduardo wakes up long enough to tell Emma that he overheard Alec (Adrian Pasdar) talking to someone about Sutton. But before Emma can learn more, Eduardo's condition deteriorates and he winds up in a coma -- A coma presumably brought on by Alec.

Laurel and Justin take the next step. Or do they?
Laurel (Allie Gonino) tells Emma that she thinks Justin (Randy Wayne) is 'the one', also known as the boy she wants to lose her virginity to. Laurel arranges a romantic evening for the two of them but unfortunately, her special night is ruined when her parents track her down and find her with Justin. Laurel claims nothing happened but is she telling the truth or does she simply not want her parents to find out that she slept with Justin?

Swap shenanigans land Sutton in a tough spot:
At the mental hospital, Sutton tells Dr. Hughes (Jennifer Griffin) who she is but when the doctor calls to check out her story, both Alec and Emma convince Dr. Hughes that Sutton is in Phoenix with her family. Suttons tries to explain that she switched places with her twin sister but no one believes her. To avoid a needle in the arm, Sutton 'confesses' to being confused and says she really is Emma.

Sutton breaks out and in:
Sutton turns on her charm with one of the workers at the mental hospital and he helps her sneak out of her room. Sutton uses his ID to get in to see Annie Hobbs and tells Annie she is her daughter. Annie seems happy to see Sutton but then starts talking about the fire from Emma's childhood. Annie believes Emma died in the fire (because 'they' told her so) and has been blaming herself ever since. Sutton tells Annie that Emma is alive but Annie does not believe her and Sutton gets dragged away without learning anything more.

Both twins are in trouble:
Thanks to the mistaken identity, Dr. Hughes plans to send Sutton to 'back home' to Las Vegas, in hand-cuffs. Over in Phoenix, Emma's creepy foster brother Travis (Kenneth Miller) has tracked her down and now knows about her twin sister. Will Travis blow Emma's cover with Sutton's friends and family? Will Sutton have to face charges in Emma's place? And will this show ever answer one question without creating two more in its place? (Let's hope not!)

On the next episode of The Lying Game, Travis blackmails Emma and everyone's lies start to catch up with them.

Megan Cole
Contributing Writer

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