Allie Gonino of 'Lying Game' Spills on Music, High Heels and Pleased to Meet Me!
Allie Gonino of 'Lying Game' Spills on Music, High Heels and Pleased to Meet Me!
Today, I had the pleasure of joining a conference call with The Lying Game's Allie Gonino, who plays Laurel Mercer, Sutton's adopted sister. Allie is a total sweetheart, and was getting in a verbal and physical workout by multi-tasking the conference call and the elliptical machine.

An actress from a young age playing Dorothy in Wizard of Oz at home, Allie Gonino says that music will always be her true passion. However, she loves playing Laurel Mercer on The Lying Game. Allie said that as her storyline develops with Laurel in the show and as Laurel learns new things about life, she is learning more and more about her own life and herself in general. Allie stated that she has mostly similarities with her character, Laurel, in that they both have a sense of humor yet still have a bit of a vulnerable side.

In fact, it was her similarities with the character of Laurel that made her want to be part of the show. She says not only did she see herself in Laurel, but she felt a deep desire to re-live that stage of her life so that she could possibly re-learn some lessons that she was unable to accomplish before while even learning brand new things about herself.

One Cute 'Lil Tid-Bit

Did you know that The Lying Game has a strict budget on fashion? You couldn't tell, huh? Anyway, she wears high heels nearly all the time in the show, and Allie says that she loves it; she's used to it. She doesn't mind unless the shoes are really uncomfortable because then they are "a pain in the ass!" But, they make her "feel sexy," so it's okay!

Allie's Most Challenging Episode

When asking about the most challenging episode yet, Allie goes with the latest episode. She says it was the first time that she really ever had a scene that required her to truly break down, let her emotions out and cry. It was a truly emotional episode -- and if you missed it, you need to watch it ASAP before Monday, especially since Laurel is usually so happy-go-lucky and strong. It was a new side to Laurel, and a testament to Allie's abilities as a performer.

Allie and Her Rocking Band

Allie and her real-life band will be playing a Dixie Chicks song on the Jan. 16 episode of The Lying Game, and she's totally excited for it to air. The Dixie Chicks were an inspiration for her from a young age, and if it wasn't for them, she wouldn't be where is today. Allie learned to play the violin because of them, and continues to be inspired to this day. She loves how the drama and the music coincide on the show and feels like it is one of the things that will appeal to the young fans of The Lying Game.

Emma and Sutton Play Sutton! Sounds Like Trouble...

With Sutton back in town, and on the next episode, the secret of the twins is to be kept just that -- a secret -- especially since there is some crazy stalker on the loose. Laurel will get to begin interacting with both Emma and Sutton as Sutton, although Laurel really doesn't tell. However, at one point, Laurel will tell Sutton that she's just been different lately, said Allie.

At this time, Sutton will be sort of taken aback because she is finally realizing how good of a person Emma really is, which just makes the jealousy of the entire situation worse, which could be a bad thing. Hopefully, Sutton will realize that Emma isn't really necessarily after her life as a whole, she just wants to be part of it. And I think the whole switch was good for Sutton, because Sutton can be a nasty bitch!

"Pleased to Meet Me" - "Jarring Episode," says Allie!

What we all want to know is when the secrets will come out about Justin and the bracelet, and how Ted is involved. Allie isn't able to say a lot, but she does say that there will be trust issues in the forthcoming episodes between Laurel and Justin.

What can we expect in "Pleased to Meet Me" airing January 16? Well, Allie says that we would learn the secrets behind Justin's creepiness and his apparent anger at Ted, Laurel's father. And guess what? As we all know, it has something to do with the bracelet, which means it has something to do with his mother. What in the word did Ted do to create such a grudge with Justin? I can't wait to find out!

And do you think when the truth comes out that it will be enough to repair the relationship between Justin and Laurel? Well, Allie can't tell us. She has to leave us with something to ponder about, right? But she does say that the writers aren't even sure where they are going with that storyline, but she thinks that if Laurel remains with Justin, the trust needs to be there. But Allie wants Laurel to stay true to herself and her passions (music) with or without a boyfriend. She doesn't think the boyfriend aspect of the story should take over Laurel's entire life. I think this is something that a lot of teenagers in real life should think about, so it would be a great storyline for fans.

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Be sure to tune in on Monday at 9pm on ABC Family to watch Allie Gonino play Laurel, and perform at a charity event (yay!) in "Pleased to Meet Me," in which we'll learn about Justin's past!

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Stacy Smith
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