ABC Family Cancels 'The Lying Game' After 2 Seasons
ABC Family Cancels 'The Lying Game' After 2 Seasons
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
The lies are over on ABC Family (well, except for the ones on Pretty Little Liars). After two seasons, the network has canceled The Lying Game, which ended its run in March.

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The drama, about twins separated at birth who secretly switched places to learn the truth about their past, starred Alexndra Chando as well as Blair Redford (Switched at Birth), Charisma Carpenter and Adrian Pasdar.

The cancellation comes after ABC Family has scored better ratings with its two newest summer dramas, The Fosters and Twisted. Both shows are getting closer to 2 million viewers I their freshman seasons while The Lying Game ended with just 1.11 million viewers.

The abrupt ending also means fans will never learn the whole story about what happened. The series ended with Alec Rybak (Pasdar) falling to his death at the country club during the memorial for Theresa, the lawyer who helped acquit Alec of murder. The ending saw Alec's wife (and the twins' biological mother) accusing him of protecting Theresa's killer. We then saw Alec's son, Thayer, in his apartment with what resembled the murder weapon, losing control and smashing everything.

The Lying Game was a fun guilty pleasure with crazy twists and turns at every corner. It was also a part of a recent renaissance of twin shows, including the CW's short-lived Ringer and BBC America's cult hit Orphan Black (OK, that's clones instead of twins, but has a similar life-swap premise).

Without The Lying Game, ABC Family still has a healthy roster of scripted dramas, including new shows The Fosters and Twisted and fan favorites Pretty Little Liars and Switched at Birth. The fate of Bunheads is still unknown.

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