The League: Preview of Series Premiere
The League: Preview of Series Premiere
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
Did you know that some 27 million American adults play fantasy football?

I didn't either, but that's just the thing. FX rookie comedy The League seems to have a quite defined market. It's about five grown-up adults who bond over fantasy football. In the series premiere tonight, this group of friends from Chicago began their annual fantasy football league by preparing the league draft at Andre's (Paul Scheer) downtown bachelor pad. But three-time defending champ Pete (Mark Duplass) has a problem: his wife Jenny (Katie Aselton) doesn't want him to play this season.

Here's a little rundown of the League players (and one wife):

Pete (Duplass) - this three-time defending champion is the one to beat in the game, but his non-fantasy life sucks - sour relationship with wife, sucky job, you know the rest;

(Nick Kroll) - puts in the most time to the league but has never won, he is educated yet crass, arrogant yet paranoid. He and his wife recently welcomed a baby.

Taco (Jan Lajoie) - comparatively not so into the league, he actually does well, being the only other person who's won it other than Pete, which of course just aggravates the others. The group's come-what-may guy is also the younger brother of Kevin.

Kevin (Stephen Rannazzisi) - league commissioner and Pete's best bud, he was the first in the group to get married and have a kid. At first he thought the league would be fun, but now he's not too sure.

Andre (Scheer) - well-established plastic surgeon and by far the most successful, he is the guys' punching bag, like he was back in high school.

Jenny (Aselton) - the confident and outspoken wife of Kevin, she is able to hold his own in this crazy group. Some people even suspect that she's the brains behind Kevin's team.

If you're into fantasy football, you would like to watch The League. If not, there's still the potty-mouthed comedy and surprisingly gentle wit. Catch the series premiere tonight 10:30pm on FX.

- Glenn L. Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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