Spoiler Alert: 'The League' Spoilers
Spoiler Alert: 'The League' Spoilers
Season 3 of FX's The League is a few episodes old now and we're interested to see what spoilers can be ascertained to gain a better understanding of what fans can look forward to in upcoming episodes.

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Will Forte Remains Waiting in the Wings

Season three of The League started out with the introduction of Raffi's (Jason Mantzoukas) infamous friend Dirty Randy, who was played by Seth Rogen. However, The League has a few more big names slated to visit the group, including SNL alum Will Forte, who will be playing the role of one of the other guys in the fantasy football league. Anyone with a history of playing fantasy sports can relate to the idea that often leagues are filled with people that may have only a passing relationship with the core group, so this dichotomy could be a goldmine for laughs.

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Andre Takes a Calculated Risk

It already seems like ages ago, but this summer was mired in a lengthy NFL lockout that greatly hampered the content possibilities of a show that revolves around football. Executive producer Jeff Schaffer and the rest of the creative team behind The League were forced to face the real possibility that the football season would be lost and the characters would have to cope.

One of the most interesting ideas to come from this period is that Andre (Paul Scheer) would transfer all of his fantasy focus into the NBA, which is locked in its own lockout that looks far more foreboding. It sounds like a great idea, but the fact that the NFL did start without a hitch, it's likely that it will be shelved for the time being. But be on the lookout for the possibility of this The League spoiler being touched on in some regard this season.

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The League is a show proving over time that it is less and less reliant on the football elements and can stand on the merit of its characters. It's possible that the greatest League spoiler is that the NFL did have a full season, because it robbed viewers of the opportunity to see the show grow beyond brief cameos from innocuous Atlanta Falcons cornerbacks.

But with the NFL signing a new 10-year collective bargaining agreement, The League will have to continue to feel out the right comedy-sports balance on its own. From the looks of these spoilers, they are on the right track.

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