'The Last Ship' Season 1 Finale Recap: Welcome to Baltimore
'The Last Ship' Season 1 Finale Recap: Welcome to Baltimore
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
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In The Last Ship Season 1 finale, called (appropriately enough) "No Place Like Home," the crew finds their way back onto dry land with the vaccine in their hands but their battle is far from over. 

Too Good To Be True

You know that prickly feeling you get when you just know that something is wrong, but you can't quite put your finger on why? That's how I felt through most of this episode. 

To be honest, it kind of started in the previous episode when Rachel discovered she'd created not only a vaccine for the virus, but a cure. That was great news, but it came a little too soon for my liking. If a cure has been found then the show would be over, right?

Not even close. 

In the beginning, I tried to ignore the bad feelings and felt happy that the crew was going back home. There was no way to know how many of them might find their friends and family still alive so it was great to discover that Alisha's mother was still alive. Not only that, but she was a high-ranking government official who had managed to keep order, such as it was. 

Oh, the Irony

Tom's family heading into town was a sad thing, especially when the apparent bad guys turned them away from help and ordered them to go away. I immediately assumed that the "warlords" were looking for a way to usurp power and use the virus as a way to run the world. The irony of those thoughts wouldn't hit me until later in the episode. 

It was around that time that the funny feeling started to grow: When Rachel was getting shown to the beautifully immaculate lab full of doctors in white coats ready to help her make her vaccine/cure, when Tom was encouraged to find his family. It was starting to reek of "too good to be true" syndrome. 

Things got more suspicious when Granderson asked her daughter if Tom was a man who was still able to follow orders. Then the suspicions grew when Rachel discovered that the other doctor's research was leading only to death and not a cure. 

Tom's Bittersweet Reunion

Around that time, Tom found his family and the reunion was bittersweet when he learned that his wife had succumbed to the virus before he found her. Or, to be more accurate, she was killed by whatever "medicine" those creepy doctors in the hazmat suits and gas masks were giving people at Olympia. The bodies being trucked to the factories where black smoke billowed was frightening. 

The Master Plan

With that, we learned the big plan: Use the virus to weed out the undesirables and vaccinate only those people the great and powerful Granderson decided were worth carrying on the human race. While she gave her speech, we finally saw the true story behind the "warlords" and realized that they were in fact people trying to escape the genocide. 

The idea that someone would use the virus as a means to gain power over the world wasn't a revelation, but it did take the show into an entirely new dimension. Where will we find everyone when The Last Ship returns for Season 2? I have to wonder if Tom, now that he's cut off from his ship, might not somehow find his way into the warlord's lair. I smell a revolution coming next season and I can't wait to see it. 

My favorite bits:

Tom: "Let's enjoy the moment."

The crew holding up their phones and trying to make contact with the real world again. 

Tom admitting they had no more fuel thanks to looking for him. Ouch. 

Jed busting through the barricade. I knew he was going to do that. Like father, like son. 

Alisha getting to talk to her mom. 

Hang on, did I just catch a look of jealousy from Rachel? Well, isn't that interesting? 

Granderson: "They actually tried to steal original copies of the constitution. As if that could take away who we are as a people."

Mike asking shakily if it was possible his wife was still alive. 

The doctors' realizing what Rachel had and giving her a well-deserved ovation. Gave me chills. Not gonna lie. 

Tex: "She's in love with a toaster."

Tom's chuckle when Tex remarked he thought Rachel would let loose once she saved the world. 

"I think it's time you thought of yourself." - Right???? That man looks out for everyone else before himself.

Tex's "What the hell" before giving Rachel a kiss. Yes! Been waiting for that. 

Chills #2: "Stay put. I'm going for you." 

Little girl in a gas mask with a tiara = the freakiest thing I've seen in a while. Thank you, show. 

Tom finding his family, but not in time to save his wife. Too many tears. 

Granderson's speech played over scenes like the "warlord" showing kindness to the children in his care. 

Granderson: "The virus doesn't discriminate. That unfortunate task falls to me." - Third set of chills, but not the good kind at all. 

What did you think of The Last Ship Season 1 finale? Any theories on where the show will end up next season?

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