'The Last Ship' Recap: Some Things Never Change
'The Last Ship' Recap: Some Things Never Change
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
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When the entire human race is being systematically wiped out by a rampaging virus, to say that life as we know it is different would be an understatement. But in the second episode of The Last Ship we also learned that, as much as things change, other things remain the same. 

Gitmo: Safe Haven?

Though the crew snagged some fuel and food from a cruise ship, they are still in desperate need for supplies. Turns out dirty fuel and limited options for grub does not a happy ship or crew make. So they head to Gitmo - a place whose name is synonymous with nightmarish terrorists and the frightening amount of security that is used to keep them there. But for the crew of the USS Nathan James, the location becomes a beacon of light..or is it?

Once they arrive, the teams split up, some going for the fuel and others heading toward the food warehouse. Other than a few expected dead bodies lying about, things go as expected until suddenly there's a big explosion and a guy screaming that he's a good guy. The statement seems to be bogus until we find out that he's not the one behind the attack. Tex is indeed a good guy and he and his buddies even tried letting their prisoners go to prove it. Big mistake. 

Negotiation is Not an Option

The Al Qaeda faction formed themselves a little militia group and was holding the food warehouse hostage. Poor Tex was the last of his men left alive and had no problem helping Chandler and his team take on the rebels in the food warehouse. When they took Tex hostage I really thought he was a gonner, but Chandler wasn't about to let that happen. In a moment that literally made me cheer, Chandler managed to talk to Amir while subtly giving clues to Mike about their position and then promptly had them blown up. 

It really felt like a landmark moment in the show. As Chandler said to Amir, the world had changed but it was a nice reminder to see that not everything had. So many times in these types of movies and TV shows we see the military abandon their training and go rogue. It was something I wondered if we would see in this show, but I'm beginning to see that won't be the case. By still running their ship as a military operation, no matter what is happening beyond their decks, the crew is making themselves stronger. It's also a move that allows this show to be both a post-apocalyptic drama and a military drama at once. 

Enemy on Board

Throughout the whole drama on Gitmo, Quince was doing his best to keep delay the ship so that his buddies the Russians could come aboard. I have to admit that I momentarily forgot about his shenanigans to the point where I actually believed there was a friendly British naval vessel coming their way. I started to picture the crews working together while drinking Guinness and then I remembered what Quince was up to and sure enough, the Russians arrived with guns aimed and ready to fire. They want Rachel, but I know Chandler isn't going to give her, or her research, up without one hell of a fight. 

My favorite bits:

Chandler: "Balls. We need the balls."

Danny asking what exactly was the proper way to be "dealing." That's an excellent question. 

The sailors meeting on deck to pray for each other's loved ones. 

"Maybe this is god's plan for us."

Quince: "You're absolutely the most obstinate person I've ever met, you know that, don't you?" 
Rachel: "Well, I don't know everyone that you've ever met."

Chandler: "We can knock and ICBM out of the sky. I think we can handle this."

A sailor being ordered not to puke in his mask. Ick. 

Chandler asking for clarification on the assbags. That seemed like a very reasonable request. 

Chandler: "Revenge is best served cold." 
Tex: "Let's eat."

Rachel performing field surgery on the beach. Talk about badass. 

Chandler using the phrase "When you let Tex go" rather than "If you let Tex go."

Chandler: "Because there's one thing from the old world that still applies today. Something that will never change: We don't negotiate with terrorists." - I cheered at that. No lie. 

Chandler asking Tex to come along with them. 

Danny realizing there was no family to give the dead soldier's personal affects to. That hurt. 

What did you think of the second episode of 'The Last Ship'? Did you have any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own?

The Last Ship airs on Sunday nights at 9pm on TNT. 

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