'The Last Ship' Recap: Fighting Fire with Fire
'The Last Ship' Recap: Fighting Fire with Fire
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
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Though we are only up to the third episode of The Last Ship, it seems we are guaranteed a few things with each installment: Explosions, apprehension and more than a little bit of pride. This episode delivered all three. 

Demands Are Made

In the last episode, the Russians finally caught up to Chandler and his crew. This time we learned who the man was chasing Chandler and why. Admiral Ruskov demanded that Chandler hand over the primordial strain of the virus, Rachel and all her research. Of course that wasn't going to happen without some sort of fight and at first Chandler chose to make the battle a verbal one. 

The two men met in the neutral location formerly known as Gitmo and decided to have a talk. While they were talking, Mike discovered that his suspicions were true and the Russians were using the time to strengthen their position. After some huffing and puffing, Ruskov threatened to blow Chandler's ship out of the water, but Chandler knew they wouldn't until they got the doctor and the research off. When Ruskov said they would keep them in the bay forever, Chandler pointed out that the Russians weren't going to last very long since the Americans had already gotten all the food off the island. 

Ruskov, Ruler of the World?

That's when we learned that Ruskov was not a man to be trifled with. I couldn't believe it even as I saw it happening but he actually pulled out a gun and shot one of his own men to prove how serious he was about getting what he wanted off of Chandler's ship. 

It wasn't just the action of shooting one of his men that was shocking, but Ruskov's overall intentions. If he'd been a man racing around the world for a cure so that he could save his people, I might have sympathized with him. But Ruskov's only mission was to make a cure so that he could become ruler of a new civilization. I suppose that's a good thing in the scheme of things on the show. After all, it's hard to hate someone with good intentions. But a vicious, heartless man bent on becoming a dictator? Bring on the bombs. 

And that's exactly what Chandler did. 

Looking for a way out, two of Chandler's men discovered a canal full of coral the original thought was to maybe use that route to get a smaller ship loaded with explosives through to bomb Ruskov's ship. But when Ruskov found the men on the recon and killed them, Chandler stood his ground. I'm starting to get used to the idea that he's going to make me want to stand up and cheer and in this episode that moment came when Chandler fired a warning shot and told Ruskov to get his ugly-ass ship out of his sight. 

Once Ruskov backed off, captain and crew came up with a crazy plan to escape the harbor using a the shallow canal. The information came at the cost of two of their men, but Chandler was determined to not let their deaths go to waste. 

Send in the Decoys

The plan seemed simple but came with a multitude of complications, including the fact that the canal had to be bombed to let them out and that the explosion would bring them undue attention from Ruskov. Other complications arose when Quincy tried to kidnap Rachel, but his actions actually turned out to be helpful as well. They were able to use the information they knew from Quincy to put Danny and Kara on a boat to fool Ruskov long enough to blow a hole in the side of his ship and allow Chandler's ship to narrowly escape through the canal. 

Danny and Kara are their own kind of complication on the ship, but the prohibited romance is so far not nearly as interesting as the rest of the story. 

In the end, the crew escaped and left Ruskov licking his wounds while planning to repair his broken ship. We also discovered that he did have his own scientist aboard in a makeshift lab. Quincy was left tied up and mourning a family he was sure was dead but I doubt that's possible. I don't think Ruskov would get rid of such valuable bargaining pieces just yet. 

My favorite bits:

Mike suggesting that Chandler could ask Ruskov to sign his book. 

Chandler: "I need to look him in the eyes."

Ruskov: "Look around you, the world is ours for the taking."

Mike: "Mines. I hate freakin' mines."

Chandler pointing out that blowing up France was an odd way to celebrate. 

Ruskov: "The world is not worth saving."

Total shock when Ruskov shot one of his own men so as to have one less mouth to feed. 

Berchem: "This is beautiful. Reminds me of my honeymoon video, at least the footage I let people see." 
Tex: "Too much information."

Chandler putting Ruskov's men "in the drink."

Chandler telling Ruskov off in his own language. 

Chandler: "This is an Arleigh Burke destroyer. It was built to fight, you'd better know how."

Cheering hen Chandler told Ruskov to get his "ugly-ass ship" out of his harbor. 

Groaning out loud when Ruskov told Kelly he was enjoying their time together. Ick. 

Kara: "I can knock the nipples off a chicken from a thousand yards, sir."

Nearly chewing my nails off when the ship had to wait the few extra seconds before blowing up the coral. 

Danny:  "I love you. Stay away from me."

Chandler screaming at Quincy that he'd killed his own family and Quincy turning it around on him to ask Chandler what he would have done if it had been his family. I kind of wanted to know the answer to that question as well. 

What did you think of this episode of The Last Ship? Do you think that Quincy's family is dead?

The Last Ship airs on Sunday nights at 9pm on TNT.

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