'The Last Ship' Interviews: The Cast on a 'Major Cliffhanger,' Danny's Leadership and More
'The Last Ship' Interviews: The Cast on a 'Major Cliffhanger,' Danny's Leadership and More
Meredith Jacobs
Meredith Jacobs
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
The Last Ship has become a hit for TNT this summer, and the show has already been renewed for a second season. The network brought the series to San Diego Comic-Con this year to tease what's still coming this season.

Series stars Eric Dane, Rhona Mitra and Travis Van Winkle spoke to reporters about their characters, the finale and more.

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Check out the video interviews with Eric Dane:

Highlights from the interview:

  • They have to test the vaccine.
  • The Russians come back.
  • The season finale is "off the charts" and there is a "major cliffhanger."
  • He doesn't think anything will happen between Tom and Rachel because his family is still out there.
  • "I just put the uniform on. The rest took care of itself."
  • "You don't always find character development synonymous with action, but in this particular show, I think we do a pretty good job of letting you know who these people are."
  • Dane talked about what he likes about playing Tom and called him "the best character I've ever been able to play."

Check out the video interviews with Rhona Mitra:

Highlights from the interview:

  • Mitra is "fascinated with all things involving neurotoxins," because they have become "one of our species' greatest threats."  
  • She likes being "the rogue element in a very strict environment" and also to "adhere to their world and learn from their world."
  • She connects to the human element.
  • She worked with Eric Dane before on Gideon's Crossing.

Check out the video interviews with Travis Van Winkle:

Highlights from the interview:

  • In the first part of the season, Danny let himself down in his leadership abilities because he was sidetracked by romance.
  • The rest of the season is about Danny building his way back into the leader he is. "He's not being the leader that he knows he is."
  • "Does romance ever die? ...There's pain involved and sacrifice. Throughout the season, it's the push and the pull that everyone that's ever been in love goes through."
  • He loves being on the ship and said "it feels more authentic."
  • His grandfather was in World War II, and his parents fell in love in the Air Force.
  • "The stakes, the intensity, the situations, the relationships, everything just escalates and escalates."
  • This is his third time working with Michael Bay.

The Last Ship season 1 airs Sundays at 9pm on TNT.

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