'The Killing' Predictions: Who Killed Rosie Larsen?
'The Killing' Predictions: Who Killed Rosie Larsen?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
The new AMC drama The Killing premiered with a brilliant two-hour pilot that set the stage for one of the most intriguing mysteries TV has ever offered. Like Twin Peaks or Veronica Mars, The Killing has one central question: Who killed Rosie Larsen?

The 17-year-old girl was murdered in Seattle and found drowned in the trunk of a stolen car belonging to a city councilman's mayoral campaign. The premiere beautifully introduced a wide range of mysterious and complex characters, almost all of whom could be suspects. However, after just one episode, it's hard to figure out who the killer could possibly be, but that won't stop me from making wild predictions. AMC is also making it easier with a Suspect Tracker where they list out every conceivable killer.

After watching the premiere, here are my top five suspects from The Killing.

Bennet, The Teacher

Detective Holder was immediately very suspicious of the black teacher at Rosie's school, suggesting that he may have had a sexual relationship with the girl. Bennet quickly dismissed it, but it raised some suspicions. As a chaperone at the dance, he certainly had access to Rosie the last time she was seen alive.

Jasper, Rosie's Ex-Boyfriend

Jasper is almost so obvious that it's probably not him, but you can't ignore the evidence and sometimes the likeliest suspect is actually the one who did it. Rosie's jerk of an ex-boyfriend has an arrest for a stolen car, and we know that the campaign car Rosie was found in was reported stolen. Maybe The Killing will trick everyone by having Jasper be the killer.

Michael, Jasper's Dad

We only saw Jasper's dad in one brief scene, but in that scene he stopped the police from interviewing his son (maybe to cover up his own involvement) and he slapped his son pretty hard, which could be a clue since Detective Linden revealed that the murderer punched Rosie in the face. My only objection to this killer is that it's such an obvious rip-off of Veronica Mars that it could single-handedly ruin a great series.

Rick, Detective Linden's Fiance

I have absolutely no idea why or how he would be the killer, but I can't ignore one very obvious fact: He's played by Callum Keith Rennie. Rennie almost always plays a bad guy and, on another murder mystery series, Harper's Island, he actually was one of the killers.

Jamie Dempsey, The Campaign Manager

City Councilman Richmond's campaign manager might be the most disturbing character from the premiere, practically gleeful over the possibility of the girl's death. Maybe his ruthless ambition was heightened to try and overcompensate for the fact that he knew she was dead because he killed her. Or maybe he's actually just a morally bankrupt political insider.

There's one more possibility. It's a little spoilery for me to even write about, but I'd feel foolish not at least mentioning it. The Killing is based on a Danish series, so depending on how faithful they are to the original, there's a chance that they might reuse the same killer. If you absolutely, positively must know who the killer was in the original, you can find it online, but I have to encourage you not to do this. Even if they don't use the same killer, it will definitely be in your mind every time you watch the show.

Also, if you do go online or know who the original killer was, I beg you not to mention it in the comments section below.

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