Is 'The Killing' Ripping Off 'Veronica Mars'?
Is 'The Killing' Ripping Off 'Veronica Mars'?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
The day after AMC's The Killing originally premiered, I theorized five possible killers in the case of Rosie Larsen. Now I feel more confident than ever that one of those was correct, and it might have some major similarities to the first season of Veronica Mars.

In the latest episode of The Killing, we learned that the night Rosie was killed she was scared of someone driving a black town car with tinted windows. We also learned Rosie knew Stan wasn't her biological father. Are those two facts connected?

One of my first theories about The Killing was that the killer is Jasper's father, Michael Ames. We saw him briefly at the start of the series as a somewhat abusive man who put a stop to the interrogation of his son. We also know he's probably having an affair with Rosie's Aunt Terry. Five episodes into season 2, all evidence now seems to be pointing to him.

Undoubtedly he drives a black town car. He's also a successful land developer on the waterfront, which the mayor is campaigning on (perhaps Michael put pressure on the mayor to frame Darren).

My one complaint about this theory when I first suggested it more than a year ago was the similarity to Veronica Mars. On that show, the killer from season 1 turned out to be the dead girl's boyfriend's father. Rosie Larsen used to date Jasper.

However, the Echolls family may not be the only similarity between The Killing and Veronica Mars. As soon as it was revealed that Stan isn't Rosie's father, I got flashes of a different Veronica Mars family: the Kanes.

What if Rosie found out Michael Ames was her biological father and that Jasper, her boyfriend, was actually her brother? It would explain why she broke up with him. And we know, thanks to Stan, that men have no problem hooking up with Mitch and her sister.

It would also be yet another Veronica Mars similarity. On that show, Duncan Kane broke up with his girlfriend, Veronica, because he learned that his father might actually be her father as well. It turned out he wasn't (which made their sexual encounters a little less gross), but maybe The Killing will actually go through with that storyline.

There are still eight episodes left in The Killing's second season, and the fact that Linden and Holder seem to be targeting Michael Ames as their newest suspect this early gives me some reservations, but I can't help but see comparisons to Veronica Mars' first season everywhere I look.

The Killing airs Sundays at 9pm on AMC.

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