The Hills: Kristin Cavallari Discusses Style and Beauty
The Hills: Kristin Cavallari Discusses Style and Beauty
She may be a new face on The Hills, but Kristin Cavallari has been around the reality TV circuit for quite some time now.  She's established herself in Laguna Beach as someone to look out for, especially because she's developed her own sense of style.

On a recent interview, the upcoming Hills star talked about who she looks up to in the industry in addition to giving advice to those who want to be like her.  Cavallari admitted that throughout the years, she's gone through a variety of fashions that others might enjoy.

"I wasn't aware of fashion that much and now I love fashion and trends," Cavallari said.  "I'm figuring out my style right now.  I want to go to like a Kate Moss, Sienna Miller type style now, and before it was beachy and casual style.  Now I want to step it up and play with it more."

Regarding her opinion on society's standards of beautiful, Kristin Cavallari says it's okay to be short like she is.  "You have to learn how to dress for your body type.  Runway models wear things and it looks completely different on other people.  I'm 5'3", so everything fits different.  You just have to find what looks good on you."

Kristin Cavallari confessed that she never was the blonde bombshell she is, but she knows that things get better over time.  It just takes a little belief in yourself  "I was not cute growing up.  And I actually have really bad skin," she explained.  "By the end of high school I got some confidence. I moved to Laguna when I was a freshman, but I had moved 4 times between 8th grade and freshman year.  It was hard, but it made me be outgoing and meet new friends.  It helped me be confident."

She continued: "It's important to know that everyone's beautiful.  Whatever size, hair color, whatever.  I know how hard it is growing up and being in high school where everyone's immature and talking crap.  It's important to listen to yourself and know you're beautiful."

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-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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