The Hills: Episode 4.1 Recap
The Hills: Episode 4.1 Recap
On tonight's season premiere of The Hills, things start off at People's Revolution with Whitney checking in on Lauren.  Things haven't been going well between Lo and Audrina but Lauren is preoccupied with the fact that she has a date tonight.  Considering her last relationship was Brody Jenner, it seems things can only go up from here.

Audrina reveals her weekend plans to Chiara, her coworker.  Lauren is throwing her a big birthday bash at the house.  Chiara is worried that the tension between Aurina and Lo will ruin the party.  It's definitely not out of the realm of possibility!

Heidi has some stuff to deal with at home, when she has to let her sister Holly know that Spencer has moved back in with her.  Spencer immediately wants to get rid of Holly and continues to keep his relationship in a little bubble, pushing everyone else out.  Meanwhile, Lauren heads out on her date with Doug, the super-rich, super-cute guy that she's known since high school.  He's sold on their date within the first few minutes and immediately asks her out again.

The morning after Spencer moves back in, he is completely rude to Holly, refusing to eat the breakfast she cooked and telling Heidi to mind her own business.  He heads back to bed, even though he slept until noon, and doesn't seem to feel bad about it.  At Audrina's party, Lo takes a shot at her over the people that she invited, which just further separates the two girls.  Lauren gets frustrated that Lo refuses to hang out at the party, get to know Audrina's friends, and put out an effort.

When Holly heads home to Colorado, Spencer looks less than thrilled when she toys with the idea of moving out to California permanently.  At work the day after Audrina's party, Lauren has nothing but good things to say about Doug but is worried about Audrina and Lo.  She has reason to be worried because, back at home, Audrina and Lo have it out, blaming each other for the distance between them.  It seems that, for now, there's no solution to this problem.

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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