'The Good Wife's Archie Panjabi on Kalinda, Challenges of Making it in Hollywood and More
'The Good Wife's Archie Panjabi on Kalinda, Challenges of Making it in Hollywood and More
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
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The Good Wife's Archie Panjabi (who plays the enigmatic Kalinda on the series) sat down with CBS This Morning and spoke about what she likes about her character, the challenges of making it in Hollywood, her hopes for the Emmy's on Sunday, and more.

Here are a few things we learn about Panjabi in the interview:

She's hopeful about the Emmy's

In the video, we find out a lot more about the London-born actress, including the fact that she's hopeful about winning another Emmy on Sunday night. Kalinda is a character with many, many layers to her so it's not surprising at all that the Emmy voters noticed that. I for one hope that she does get another Emmy. 

"Archie" isn't her real name

Panjabi revealed that "Archie" isn't in fact her real name. The actress changed it when she found that most people couldn't pronounce her real name, which is Archina (I hope I'm spelling that right). Personally, I find her real name beautiful. Too bad she had to change it. 

She's always been determined to make it as an actress

When people told her that she should have a backup plan because there weren't a lot of roles out there for women of Indian heritage, Panjabi said it made her more determined to break that barrier and pursue the career she wanted. I admire her for that. I can't imagine having people tell you that you couldn't do something simply because of your background. Good for her for not letting it stop her. 

She loves playing Kalinda

Panjabi says that she loves playing her character on The Good Wife. She said that she thinks Kalinda is very provocative and dresses very sexy, yet finds it interesting that the moment anyone asks Kalinda about her life or background, she is reticent to talk about it. The actress also joked that when people ask her who will be at the door in The Good Wife's season 2 premiere, she always replies "the pizza delivery man." Proving that she's got a great sense of humor as well as talent and beauty. Really, could she be any cooler?

London and New York are her mother and father

Splitting her time between homes in London and New York, Panjabi said that when she's away from one city for too long, she begins to miss it. Since she can't stand to be away from either for too long, she likened the two cities to her mother and father, as she loves them both equally. Having been to London myself, I can completely understand how she feels. It is a wonderful city. 

Her husband is her good luck charm

She and her husband Raj have been together for sixteen years and she refers to him as her good luck charm because she got her first acting job the day they got married. That is so sweet, I could just die. 

This interview proves that though Kalinda may be tough as nails, the actress behind the character is also incredibly sweet. As if I didn't have enough reason to Panjabi and her character on The Good Wife, I think this video has given me quite a few more. 

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