'The Good Wife' Welcomes Back Badass Kalinda
'The Good Wife' Welcomes Back Badass Kalinda
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Ever since The Good Wife season 4 began, I've had a big problem with Kalinda and her ex (or current, or whatever) husband Nick. Actually the bigger problem I had wasn't so much with him, but with the way he treated her, and how she acted around him. 

What happened to Kalinda?

A few weeks back, I did an article asking what was up with Kalinda. Because though there was still a woman on the show who looked remarkably like the same smart, sexy investigator, she sure didn't act like the Kalinda we all knew. As I pointed out in my original commentary, I didn't necessarily take issue with the boundaries that Nick and Kalinda pushed sexually. The ice cream scene didn't bother me as much as did the humiliating way that Nick treated Kalinda. But perhaps the more disturbing and sickening part of that was her not only taking the treatment, but returning it in favor. Watching two people who obviously despised each other, but had some sort of sick sexual connection, was definitely not my idea of a good time; plus it gave us a Kalinda I couldn't stand to watch anymore. 

Abusive and Threatening

But even if I had problems with Kalinda and Nick's relationship, at least I could acknowledge the fact that both of them had volunteered to be in it. I feel like Kalinda could've told Nick to leave any time she wanted to and he would have listened. But when the jerk started threatening Kalinda's friends, I was shocked that she didn't step in and get him to go away for good. Instead she just told everyone that they were fine and there was nothing to worry about. Nick even went so far as to have Cary beaten up and though I know that Kalinda isn't aware of this, I still wondered at the time it happened if she would have done anything about it. Cary took it like a champ though, so it's not like he needed her help, but still. 

Ding-dong the dick is gone

Well all that changed in episode 10. That meek Kalinda who allowed her jerk of a husband to humiliate her, and threaten and beat up her friends, disappeared. In one fell swoop, she took back the reins of their relationship and told the scumbag to take his disgusting and arrogant ass out of town. When she showed up at his car lot and pulled out a weapon, I nearly cheered out loud. THAT was the Kalinda we all know and love. I've missed her this whole season so far and all I can say after watching the episode is: welcome back badass Kalinda!

What did you think of the developments in The Good Wife episode 10? Were you happy to see a return of the Kalinda we've been missing all season? Do you think that this could mean that Nick is gone for good?

The Good Wife airs on Sunday nights at 9pm on CBS. 

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