'The Good Wife' Spoilers: John Noble, Matthew Perry and More from 'Death of a Client'
'The Good Wife' Spoilers: John Noble, Matthew Perry and More from 'Death of a Client'
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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The Good Wife's terrific fourth season continues with another stellar episode Sunday, March 24 at 9pm. In "Death of a Client," everyone is gathered at the prestigious Shamrock event held by the Catholic church as Peter and his gubernatorial rival Mike Kresteva vie for an endorsement.

The episode also features Alicia getting sidetracked when one of her clients (played by Fringe star John Noble) is murdered and the police call her in to help with the investigation. As with every episode of The Good Wife, the guest cast it top-notch, with Noble being joined by recurring guest stars Matthew Perry as Kresteva, Amanda Peet as Alicia's State's Attorney gal pal, Stockard Channing as Alicia's wild mother and veteran actor John Cullum as the Catholic cardinal. By my account that makes four former Aaron Sorkin series regulars, with Josh Charles from Sports Night, Channing from The West Wing and Perry and Peet from Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.

To get you excited, here are five great reasons to tune in to this week's brand-new episode of The Good Wife.

Guest Star John Noble Is Delightfully Odd

Fringe star John Noble makes his first TV appearance following the FOX sci-fi drama's series finale as the titular murdered client. Alicia's out-of-order memories and flashbacks offer us glimpses into his weird character who always plays a recording of Bach during meetings and who is suing 18 different people, which makes narrowing down the identity of his killer very difficult.

Kresteva Is Back

Now that Peter is the Democratic candidate for governor he faces off his Mike Kresteva (played by Go On's Matthew Perry). He's smarmier than ever and has two terrific scenes, one with Alicia where she embraces her life's new philosophy of always telling the truth and one with Peter in the men's bathroom (briefly spoiled in the video preview, but that's just the half of it). Both scenes will have you loving the Florricks.

 It's All About Memories

The Good Wife manages to use neat little tricks to find new ways of telling stories. This episode is especially wonderful as it relies heavily on Alicia's memory. When she's asked a question we see her remembering various moments from her interactions with the dead client, jumping back and forth between various times. There's one moment in particular when her mind wanders, and the way the camera cuts between Alicia's face in the present and her fond memories is beautiful.

Diane's Offer

Will and Diane have just avoided financial ruin and are getting Lockhart/Gardner back on track. So naturally an incredible offer is made to Diane that has the potential to change everything.

Cary + Kalinda

Cary seems to be stepping up his flirtations with Kalinda recently, and this episode features a little bit more of his attempts to get back into bed with the sexy P.I. Sadly for him, she's spending her St. Patrick's Day flirting with a female massage therapist. Still, I'm holding out hope for these two crazy kids.

You can see all of this, and Alicia's mom acting wildly inappropriate with Zach and Grace, on The Good Wife Sunday, March 24 at 9pm on CBS.

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