'The Good Wife' Spoilers: 5 Reasons You'll Love the Season 4 Finale
'The Good Wife' Spoilers: 5 Reasons You'll Love the Season 4 Finale
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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If you've been watching the fourth season of The Good Wife, you've probably been enjoying a strong season of great episodes, even better acting and tense storytelling.

The second half of the season has been building up on several fronts. Peter's gubernatorial election is closing in. Cary Agos and the other non-Alicia fourth-years are plotting a move to their own firm. Diane is poised to become a judge if Peter wins. And Alicia has been internally struggling with the choice between Peter and Will.

All of those questions will be addressed in some way or another in the season 4 finale, "What's in the Box?" The episode will definitely leave you floored with a game-changing ending that will have you thanking CBS for already renewing the show for season 5.

Here are five reasons to get excited for The Good Wife season 4 finale.

Guest Stars Galore

Every episode features a terrific slate of guest stars, but the finale has some of the best. Martha Plimpton is back in her Emmy-winning role as rival lawyer Patty Nyholm. Denis O'Hare and Ana Gasteyer are back as two of the show's funniest judges (Gasteyer, if you've forgotten, is the one who demands all lawyers add "in my opinion" to the end of every statement). There's also T.R. Knight as Peter's former campaign manager, Dylan Baker as the delightfully evil Colin Sweeney and, for good measure, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg makes a cameo as himself.

The Season Is Book-Ended with Zach

Season 4 began with Zach Florrick getting a first-hand look at the judicial system when he filmed a cop who pulled him over. The season 4 finale serves as a beautiful bookend, with Zach once again using his camera phone for good when he spies some sketchy things happening at a polling place. The result is an all-night marathon trial as lawyers debate whether or not more than 30,000 early ballots should be counted or not. And things get very messy very quickly when we find out Zach didn't necessarily see what he thought he saw.

Election Fun

The episode takes place from election eve to the close of the election, and don't worry about cliffhangers because there is a result. There's also plenty of hijinx going on at campaign headquarters, including Eli's election day ritual (watching horror movies) and Peter's mother making a pretty bold move. She may be crazy, but she's also crazy like a fox.

Cary's New Firm

Things are moving quickly on Cary's plot to start his own firm, but things hit several snags, particularly when it comes to whether or not Kalinda will join him. This is especially troubling since everybody knows that she and Cary used to hook up.

Alicia's Choice

Throughout the episode, Alicia tries to figure out what to do. She loves Peter, but she also wants Will. However, she knows that going down that road with Will again is very complicated and might not even be worth it. Without giving too much away, the episode ends with two words that will definitely have many, many ramifications for season 5. You might see it coming from a mile away, but it doesn't make the ending any more dramatic.

Be sure to catch The Good Wife season 4 finale Sunday at 9pm on CBS, and you'll definitely want to check in for the final minute, where things get really interesting.

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