'The Good Wife' Season 4 Commentary: What is up With Kalinda?
'The Good Wife' Season 4 Commentary: What is up With Kalinda?
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
So far, The Good Wife season 4 has been on par with all previous seasons in terms of great guest stars, storylines and drama. One place it is faltering for me is with Kalinda's story. 

Pushing the boundaries

I realize that by bringing up Kalinda, most people are going to assume that I have a huge problem with the sexual boundaries the show has been pushing. Honestly that's not really it at all. It's not the steamy scenes that are bothering me; it's the way that Kalinda is basically being abused in them that is. 

For instance, let's take the scene in the ice cream shop (who can forget that one?). Yes, that was extremely naughty, but when you think about it, they really didn't show all that much. It reminded me of many horror films that have scared me half to death in the past: not by showing a grotesque death but by showing just enough to let me fill in the blanks. Turns out my imagination is way more twisted than any movie and when I'm left to fill in blanks, I do it quite nicely, thank you. So though I filled in all the sexy bits in that scene, I have to admit that we didn't actually see anything. 

Where did Kalinda go?

No, my trouble with that scene, and pretty much every scene we've had with Kalinda so far this season, is the fact that I don't recognize one of my favorite characters any more. With the ice cream, I didn't see two people who were in love and deciding to share a very naughty moment together, I saw two people who were maybe obsessed with each other but showed it by demonstrating how much they basically despised one another. For that reason alone, I have found the sexual encounters between Kalinda and her ex disgusting, and not at all tantalizing. 

I used to love every scene that Kalinda was in on The Good Wife. Any time she came on camera, I would find myself inadvertently sitting up and paying closer attention to the action on screen. I knew that any story that included Kalinda was going to be smart and interesting. She used her wits, intelligence and strength to control any situation she was in and I looked up to her as a woman to admire. 

Enough is enough

I get what the writers were trying to do with her character, I really do. They obviously decided to break her down a bit so that we could see her vulnerabilities. Surely, a woman can't be that strong all the time, right? Well I'd say that after watching these first few episodes, I get it, and enough is enough. They've shown us that someone out there can rattle Kalinda and take away from her all those qualities that I found admirable. But if it's not too much trouble, I'd really like to see that woman I used to look up to. Because as it is right now, I find myself dreading every scene that she is in, rather than looking forward to them like I used to. 

What do you think of Kalinda's journey on The Good Wife so far this season? Do you think that the writers have taken her downfall too far? Are you enjoying watching what is happening with her character now that her ex-husband has returned to her life?

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