'The Good Wife' Recap: Is Frank Prady Trying to Trick Alicia?
'The Good Wife' Recap: Is Frank Prady Trying to Trick Alicia?
Alison Stern-Dunyak
Alison Stern-Dunyak
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Alicia knows better than anyone that politics can be a dirty game. So what's she supposed to do when faced with an opponent who wants to keep things clean in this week's episode of The Good Wife

Over in the Agos drug case, things are getting increasingly complicated. Last week, Kalinda took a dangerous step to keep Cary out of jail. This week, Cary puts his own life on the line. Who knew that life inside a fancy law firm could be so dangerous?

Is Cary's Life in Danger?

The midterm elections are over in the real world, but in the alternate universe-Chicago of The Good Wife, the campaign for State's Attorney is just starting to heat up. Thus, we get this week's episode, "Sticky Content," media jargon that basically means "stuff that people remember."

Alicia's political team now includes a media consultant, Josh (played by Numbers' David Krumholtz). He's helping campaign manager Jon cut together a bio film about Saint Alicia. The video includes a soapy interlude about Will's shooting, which both Alicia and her "body woman" Marissa aren't crazy about. 

Over at the FBI field office, two agents, Harper and Delaney (that's Agent Lana to you, me and Kalinda), want to enlist Cary in their effort to snag Lemond Bishop. Usually, you can't get someone's former attorney to turn state's evidence, but the agents have a wiretap of Bishop threatening to murder Cary. This week. 

So ... will Cary help a fed out? Not a chance -- he thinks their evidence is fake. Cary's parting shot: "Next time you try to get me to flip, don't have the woman who's sleeping with my girlfriend break it to me." Yow. 

Diane asks Kalinda to find out if Bishop's really after Cary. Just in case, they agree to hire a bodyguard for their friend. (They get him a former member of the Milwaukee Bucks. Niiice.)

Frank Prady comes to see Alicia with a proposition: let's run a positive campaign. But he's ahead in the polls, so she's not willing to commit. He seems sincere about it, so naturally you have to ask yourself, what's this guy's game? To show he means it, he gives her his private cell number. Call me if you see something you don't like, he tells her.

One other thing: Prady gives her a box of materials Jimmy Castro passed along after leaving the race. She resists at first but finally opens it up. There isn't much about her, but there are photos that make it appear Peter's having an affair with his new legal counsel -- Alicia's old friend, Ramona. 

She's shaken up and calls the governor. For the good of her campaign, she wants them to give a joint interview to show that their marriage is strong.

Putting Rumors to Rest

Since Alicia nixed using the courtroom shooting as part of her media campaign, her team attempts to go negative, using images that imply Prady's both a DINO (Democrat in Name Only) and a closeted gay man. Alicia's not happy about it, but Jon says it's all about the sticky content. 

At the office, Cary (and the bodyguard) runs into Bishop (and his new lawyer). Awk. Ward. Cary calls Kalinda to tell her about it. Once again (though he doesn't know it), she's with Lana, who's pretty annoyed with Cary for ratting out her personal business to the other FBI agent. Kalinda's more worried about Cary's safety than Lana's feelings, however. She wants Lana to prove that the tape of Bishop threatening Cary is real. 

Alicia meets Prady in the park to talk. They discuss the oppo research they have on each other. He says he thinks he can win a fair fight. He still seems too good to be true. But Alicia seems won over by his sincerity.

Alicia arrives at the TV studio for the taping with Peter. Ramona's there, but Alicia doesn't let on that she's suspicious. Jon interviews them, throwing out softball questions about their relationship. As they talk about the night they met, Ramona looks distinctly uncomfortable.

Afterwards, Alicia stops in at Finn's new office. He senses that she's a little off, but she says she doesn't want to talk. What does she want? She and Finn almost share a "moment" before she runs out. Finn is confused, to say the least. 

What Not to Wear

Agent Lana gives Kalinda the proof she needs about Bishop's threat, but also tells K that if she can't get serious about their relationship, then don't bother coming back.

Alicia and Peter do a joint campaign appearance. In the limo afterwards, she tells him to stop sleeping with Ramona. He denies her accusation, but for some reason, she doesn't believe him. This will hurt me and you, she says. 

"And I won't stand beside you again, Peter. Not again. Not in a million years." She tells him in no uncertain terms to zip up his pants and stay away from "the help." He sits silently through her tirade. Yow (again).

The next day, Alicia seems like a new woman. She even agrees to let Josh use the courthouse shooting story in her campaign video. When she tells her story for the camera, she's strong yet emotional -- the perfect candidate. Afterwards, Finn stops by and they talk; she can't quite explain what was going on last night.

In the meantime, there's a problem -- Prady's put out his campaign video, and it's terrific. Worse, Prady's mom is wearing the exact same dress as Alicia. When she goes to retape her segment in a different dress, she's flat. The magic's gone. 

Back in Peter's limo, Ramona's feeling guilty about "being the cause of this." She offers to resign, but Peter grabs her and pulls her into a kiss -- and based on her body language, it's their first. She says, "We're bad people." His answer: "I know."

A Threat and a Pact

Jon and Josh show Alicia a stupid animated ad from Frank's PAC. They want to release the DINO ad in response, especially since her video now lacks the emotion they wanted. Alicia calls Frank privately to see if he can get the PAC to withdraw the ad. He says he'll do what he can. 

Kalinda's audio expert tells her that the FBI's tape of Bishop threatening him is very real. But Cary, despite his bodyguard's advice, has gone to Bishop's place to tell him he hasn't turned state's evidence. Kalinda calls. Her message: get out of there, fast! The threat is legit -- Bishop wants you dead.

Bishop asks straight up: why do you have a bodyguard? Cary tells him that the FBI has a tape of Bishop threatening to kill him. Is it real? 

Bishop says the tape is real, but I was just blowing off steam. He doesn't want Cary dead. And if you don't turn against me, then I have no issue with you. So that's that! "Cary, don't hurt me, and I won't hurt you," Bishop says. 

He calls Kalinda, who's relieved he's okay, but when he says Bishop didn't mean to threaten his life, she's understandably skeptical. She climbs back into bed with Lana, and tells her that she does take their relationship seriously. 

Someone releases the DINO ad onto the Interwebs. Jon swears he didn't leak it. She's furious with Jon and Josh, but tells them to go ahead and make her campaign video using the original taping. Even with the matching dress.

She and Prady talk. She's not happy about the leak, and he's worried that his PAC and her team will drag them into the mud. What do we do? "Resist," she says.

Back at the FBI office, Agent Lana's been summoned in. It seems the Bishop wiretap was leaked. They have a few questions for her...

Summary Judgment

I'm still not sure if Frank Prady is for real, but the idea of Alicia facing off against a good guy is fascinating to me. How do you demonize someone like that?

You can usually tell when a Good Wife episode is written by the show's creators, Robert and Michelle King, as this one was. Every episode is special, but theirs have a special zing. Case in point: the scene in the limo between Alicia and Peter, followed by Alicia's newfound confidence the next day. Great stuff. 

But did Alicia actually drive Peter into Ramona's arms? We don't know, though it sure looked to me like it was their first time in the clinch -- even if they'd both been thinking about it for a while. And what about Alicia and Finn? They're both lonely, attractive people. Just saying.

Meanwhile, I don't know about you, but I don't think Bishop was merely "blowing off steam" when he threatened Cary's life. I don't think Kalinda believes it either, which is probably a good thing for Cary. Someone has to look after that guy!

Next week, the FBI makes another play to get Cary to turn against Bishop. Will the second time be the charm? 

The Good Wife airs Sundays at 9pm on CBS.

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