'The Good Wife': Preview and Clip of Season 1 Finale 'Running'
'The Good Wife': Preview and Clip of Season 1 Finale 'Running'
Alicia (Julianna Margulies) has one big decision on her hands, as opposed to the only one we have to make tonight: watching The Good Wife's season finale. On "Running," our protagonist has to choose between her husband and a new man.

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Now, many fans have stood by each of these guys in their own right. There's Team Peter and Team Will, of course. Tonight, Alicia will find herself torn between them and weighing out reasons to stay with either. Or could she choose neither and move on?

With the help and encouragement of Eli Gold (Alan Cumming), Alicia struggles to stand behind Peter (Chris Noth) as he launches his new political campaign. However, at the back of her mind, there's thoughts of Will (Josh Charles) and the possibility of embarking on a new relationship with him.

Below, you can find the trailer for tonight's episode of The Good Wife, titled "Running." Now that brings several assumptions. We're pretty sure it can refer to Peter's campaign, but as for Alicia? Is it possible that she'll just run away from her problems and lead us into more when season 2 arrives?

Well, let's not fast-forward to that just yet. Enjoy the clip below.

So it's going to be Peter vs. Will on The Good Wife tonight, which certainly increases the tension among these three. It's the ultimate episode, but of course there's season 2 to look forward to. According to actor Matt Czuchry, there's a lot more trouble to come then.

He told Entertainment Weekly about the future of The Good Wife, but we'd rather not spill the beans just yet. If you'd like to find out (spoilers, we're sure), just head over here instead.

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For now, let's get ready for the season finale of The Good Wife. "Running" airs tonight at 10pm on CBS.

Source: CBS, EW.com
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