'The Good Wife' Heats Up: Archie Panjabi Hints Naughty Scenes to Come
'The Good Wife' Heats Up: Archie Panjabi Hints Naughty Scenes to Come
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
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The Good Wife has proven time and again that it's not exactly afraid to push boundaries and it looks like season 4 won't be any different. Seems that one character in particular will be revealing a very racy side in a few scenes this season.

According to TV Line, one instance involves ice cream in a scene that reportedly nearly put Standards and Practices into sugar shock. I'm going to try and put this as delicately as possible. It involves Kalinda and her ex husband Nick enjoying ice cream cones. What starts out innocently quickly turns raunchy when Nick reaches under the table to, ahem, pay some attention to Kalinda under her skirt. He then takes the same hand and dips it into her cone, but that doesn't stop Kalinda from continuing to enjoy her dessert. 

"It's so messed up."

I was barely able to write that sequence without turning fifty shades of red (a romance writer, I am not) but believe it or not, the scene was deemed suitable for broadcast and will make it on the air on the October 7 episode. According to star Archie Panjabi, the scene in question is just one of several that will push the boundaries this fall. 

Panjabi said, "That's the beginning of a whole string of scenes which I have never seen on network TV, cable TV. TV period. It's so messed up." 

"One person she cannot stay away from."

The scenes aren't just being used for shock value, but to show just how toxic the relationship between Nick and Kalinda became. Of Nick and Kalinda's bond, Panjabi said,"She knows he's dangerous but you cannot stay away. This is a woman who is so in control. For three years she's been a woman who's been able to resolve everything and everyone, and suddenly there's this one person she cannot stay away from." 

Panjabi adds Nick coming back into Kalinda's is slowly "peeling back her layers and we're starting to see the real Kalinda." 

When asked what the real Kalinda looks like, "Be afraid," warned Panjabi. "Be very afraid."
What do you think about the news of these racy scenes to come? Do you think The Good Wife will push the envelope too far or simply demonstrate a relationship that is going 

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