'The Good Wife' Fan Columnist: Woman with a Broom
'The Good Wife' Fan Columnist: Woman with a Broom
Alison Stern-Dunyak
Alison Stern-Dunyak
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV

"Every now and then, you need a woman to clean house."

Whether it's Kalinda with a baseball bat, Alicia doing an end-run around her sneaky co-counsel, or one of Glenn Childs' own lieutenants announcing her plans to face him in the upcoming state's attorney race, don't underestimate the women of The Good Wife

The irony isn't lost on us when one of the episode's powerful women, Victoria Adler, makes the statement above when announcing the surprise candidacy of Wendy Scott-Carr at a bar association gala. We know that Adler, a former ally and mentor of Diane's, is corrupt and in need of being "cleaned" herself.

The Facts of the Case

This week's episode, "Cleaning House," does a great job of showing how TGW sticks to its strengths while resisting monotony. (Although maybe they could work on those on-the-nose show titles. How about a little X-Files-like mystery, eh?)

Compared to last week, this story does a 180: Plenty of drama. Few humorous asides. Alicia in court, not just the office. Lots of Diane -- Will doesn't even turn up till halfway through. And more than our fair share of Kalinda awesomeness.

The main case pits Alicia against both the opposing counsel and her own co-counsel. On behalf of Lockhart, Gardner & Bond, Alicia defends the DJ from a club where a riot broke out during a rave, resulting in the death-by-stampede of five young people. Her co-counsel, representing an insurance company, is a young woman determined to make Alicia look bad. And she does a pretty good job of it, but Alicia will have none of it.

Verdict: Split decision. Alicia wins the case for the DJ, but the insurance company must pony up a $3 million settlement.

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Held in Contempt

Back at the office, Cary opens an investigation into whether Alicia leaked Childs' sealed deposition testimony in the Northbrook Sniper case. It's really a ploy to hurt Peter's campaign for State's Attorney, but Alicia could be disbarred, despite her innocence. Acting as her legal adviser, Will confronts his former employee with a veiled threat to reveal more about Childs than he'd like. Cary backs off, for now. Verdict: Victory for Alicia (for now).

Meanwhile, Kalinda continues her campaign against new PI Blake, going all Carrie Underwood on his car -- smashing windows, rifling through the car's contents. When he confronts her, he tells her he knows her backstory of a middle-class upbringing is a lie. She coolly lets him know she found a gun in his car and also knows he shares a past with Will. They nearly kiss -- or do they? Verdict: Deadlocked jury (for now).

Star Witnesses

TGW continues to attract wonderful guest stars, especially for rabid TV fans. This ep featured a bounty: from Kate Burton and Elizabeth Reaser (respectively, Ellis Grey and Rebecca-the-Crazy-Ferry-Accident-Victim on Grey's Anatomy) to Edward Herrmann (AKA Mr. Gilmore on The Gilmore Girls) to Anika Noni Rose (Grace Makutsi on The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency) and Griffin Dunne (Tony Mink on Trust Me). And of course that's Scott Porter (Jason Street from Friday Night Lights) facing off with Kalinda for the past month.

My fave this week, Mamie Gummer, shines in a return appearance as co-counsel Crozier. (We first met her last season.) In my head she's still Meryl Streep's daughter, however. As in, "Your honor, on behalf of the defendants, I'd like Meryl Streep's daughter to cross-examine the next witness."

I'm sure I'll get over that eventually -- the woman has talent in her own right. But durn -- she looks so much like her mom!

Summary Judgment

Quote of the night honors go to Alicia, facing off against Crozier outside the courtroom: "Do not pick a battle with me, lady -- not with the mood I'm in."

No, you don't mess with Alicia, not even if you're Meryl Streep's daughter. But even she can't answer Eli's final question of the night: "Who is Wendy Scott-Carr?"

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