'The Good Fight' Review: 'Good Wife' Spin-Off Keeps the Story Going
'The Good Fight' Review: 'Good Wife' Spin-Off Keeps the Story Going
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
After seven seasons of The Good Wife, CBS is keeping the story going with The Good Fight, a spin-off that will be the first scripted series to air on the network's streaming platform, CBS All Access. While the way viewers watch it may be different, the new series will have a very similar feel.

The Good Fight is less of a spin-off and more of the same show, just continued. It stars Christine Baranski, reprising her Emmy-nominated role as Diane Lockhart, as well as several other familiar faces. Cush Jumbo's Lucca Quinn and Sarah Steele's Marissa Gold (Eli's daughter) are both series regular and the pilot includes plenty of cameos from familiar faces.

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The new show begins with Diane watching the inauguration of Donald Trump in horrified disbelief, which is the perfect metaphor for what happens to her character. She's ready to retire from the law, but a Ponzi scheme run by her close friends bankrupts her, forcing Diane to continue to work.

The Good Fight also centers on Diane's goddaughter Maia (Game of Thrones star Rose Leslie), a new lawyer who also happens to be the daughter of the man accused of running the Ponzi scheme. Like Alicia Florrick, she's a woman whose personal life is at the center of controversy.

The tone of The Good Fight and the story itself closely resembles The Good Wife. It's tense, but mixed with moments of humor, and finds new and interesting ways to deal with the law (the second episode features an arbitration in what can best be described as Mall Court).

The key difference is that The Good Fight seems more socially conscious. Diane finds her second chance at a predominantly black law firm run by Delroy Lindo's Robert Boseman. It poses a bit of a culture shock for the character and gives us the chance to see Diane in unfamiliar terrain.

Baranski's performance is stellar as always and The Good Fight strikes a nice balance between the case-of-the-week style of legal procedural with an ongoing storyline dealing with the Ponzi scheme. If you liked The Good Wife but felt like Alicia's personal journey had run its course, this new series is a pleasant treat. It's the same universe, the same tone and a few of the same characters, but now with a bit more of an edge. The writers make use of now being on CBS All Access with a few f-bombs.

The premiere of The Good Fight will air on CBS itself Sunday, February 19 at 8/7c. Once it ends the second episode will be available at CBS All Access, with new episodes arriving online Sundays at 8/7c.

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