More Casting News from 'The Good Wife': Dallas Roberts and Anika Noni Rose Are Back
More Casting News from 'The Good Wife': Dallas Roberts and Anika Noni Rose Are Back
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
There's all kinds of great casting news coming out from the camp of The Good Wife these days. In addition to the fun news we posted earlier this week, now we're finding out that both Dallas Roberts and Anika Noni Rose will be back this season. 

First there was the casting news released about TR Knight and Michael J. Fox, but The Good Wife didn't stop there. TVGuide reports that two fan favorites are coming back to join the cast in season 4. 

First up there is Dallas Roberts, who plays Alicia's wonderfully rebellious and charming brother Owen. The actor will be appearing in the same episode that will also introduce the lovely Stockard Channing as Alicia and Owen's mother. Roberts may have recently joined the cast of The Walking Dead, but creators and executive producers Robert and Michelle King say that they are still working on getting both mother and brother back again this season. 

Robert King said, "We're trying to get Dallas for more than one as we are trying to get Stockard for more than one. You never know what you're going to get when you throw people together but after the first day of dailies, we said, 'OK, let's try to book him and her for the future.'"

That couldn't make me happier, considering how much I love both Roberts and Channing. It's like the best possible family ever. 

Next up is news that Anika Noni Rose will be returning to the show. Rose plays Wendy Scott-Carr, Peter's former opponent for the Cook County State's Attorney' office, as well as the special prosecutor who helped get Will suspended from practicing law for six months. The last time we saw Wendy, she was being shown the door by Peter after she tried (and failed) to embarrass Alicia in front of a grand jury. 

What could bring Wendy back after that kind of humiliation? Why a case of course. Currently Rose is only booked to appear in one episode but according to Robert King, "it could extend from there."

What do you think of the latest bit of casting news for The Good Wife? Who are you excited to see return more, Dallas Roberts or Anika Noni Rose?

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