'The Glee Project' Finale Recap: And the Winner Is ...
'The Glee Project' Finale Recap: And the Winner Is ...
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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It's the finale of The Glee Project, which means one of the final four contestants wins and gets a 7-episode guest starring role on Glee's third season. Or does it? On Glee, it's all about shocking outcomes and triumph over adversity, so would it really be fair if three people came so close and got nothing?

No, and that's why The Glee Project finale is going to make everyone happy.

For the Glee Project finale, all of the past contestants are brought back to sing Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'" and Pinks "Raise Your Glass" with the final four. It's kind of cool to see everyone back one last time, and these two songs are definitely worth of being saved for the finale.

The music video for "Raise Your Glass" on the roof of a skyscraper is easily the best yet as the final four collect the other contestants for a rooftop dance party. All the past people get a one-line shout-out, and McKynleigh's "Yeehaw!" makes me smile the most. I also love seeing Damian with Cameron and Hannah. Those three just fit together, and I'd love to see all of the as the AV Club at McKinley High.

Last Chance Performances

The final four contestants get to pick their own songs for one final performance. If that's not enough pressure, the past contestants and guest mentors from Glee are in the audience. This is definitely the ultimate test for The Glee Project.

Lindsay ("Gimme Gimme" from Thoroughly Modern Millie): She does great, vocally, as always with a big Broadway number, but it represents my biggest problem with her as well. I don't picture Lindsay singing this song on Glee, I see Lea Michele doing it.

Damian ("Beyond the Sea" by Bobby Darin): He dedicates the song to Hannah and Cameron, just in case anyone wasn't already completely and totally in love with him. It's the most adorable performance ever and I NEED to see more of him.

Samuel ("Jolene" by Dolly Parton): Coming off Damian's fun performance, this is heavy and intense. It kicks just as much ass as Damian, but in a totally different way. Damn, now I want more of Samuel. Can both Samuel and Damian please win? (SPOILER ALERT: Yes.)

Alex ("I Am Changing" from Dreamgirls):
He does drag one last time, which isn't really the best way to come off as more than one-note. When you walk on stage with an obvious gimmick, it's hard to look past it. However, his voice is great and it's very emotional, show-stopping, diva performance.

It's a tough call and there are good points for everyone. Alex and Lindsay are the first two cut, which makes me unbelievably happy since they were my least favorites.



Wow!!! Two winners, and they're the two contestants I most wanted to win. This is the best possible outcome ever.

But it's not over.

Lindsay and Alex are both getting two-episode arcs on Glee as well.

Everybody wins! It's a bit of a cop-out, but it's also so Glee. This ending makes me smile, and it makes me yearn for season 3 to begin so I can see all of them on TV again.

Congratulations, Ryan Murphy, you have made me super excited for Glee again.

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