The Girls Next Door: Sneak a Peek at 'Holly's World' and 'Peepshow'
The Girls Next Door: Sneak a Peek at 'Holly's World' and 'Peepshow'
Since there isn't a lot going on for the new batch of The Girls Next Door, here we are again with the originals.  Hugh Hefner's former No.1 girlfriend Holly Madison has been getting a lot of attention lately, especially because her show Holly's World will be premiering soon.

Those who managed to catch a glimpse of the E! teaser are lucky, because the clip hardly lasted ten seconds.  But for those who weren't so blessed, you can see a slightly blurry version of it below. managed to acquire this video, but despite the quality, we'll take anything we can get when it comes to Holly Madison.  The upcoming Holly's World will apparently be just a special show lasting for an hour and a half.  However, it will resume in the spring for a whole season.

Earlier reports have said that Holly Madison's show was called "Planet Holly."  That didn't push through, but the whole concept of the series remains.  Holly's World follows the former Girls Next Door star as she maneuvers her career in Sin City, taking the stage more than once.

Holly has already called the series similar to that of Mary Tyler Moore's, telling audiences that Holly's World is "good-natured" and "inspiring."  Well that's definitely different from her past appearances.

But since that teaser of Holly's World isn't all that satisfying, here's another clip of Holly Madison.  This time, let's hear her talk about her stint on Peepshow.  Surely this will also be in her own reality series in the future since the show's about her time in Vegas.

"I've always wanted to do a burlesque show and this one is perfect for me," Madison told the cameras.  Sounds like she really is having fun, especially with popstar Aubrey O'Day alongside her.

See more clips of Peepshow when Holly Madison takes over the world - her very own in Holly's World, as it airs this Sunday at 11pm on E!

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