'The Girls Next Door': Is Holly Madison Hiding Own Sex Tape?
'The Girls Next Door': Is Holly Madison Hiding Own Sex Tape?
Aside from Kendra Wilkinson, there have been reports that fellow Girls Next Door star Holly Madison has her own sex tape as well. But she won't admit it to anyone, because she says it's not true.

Kendra Wilkinson Opens Up About "Embarrassing" Tape

Marc Malkin of E! Online asked the former star of The Girls Next Door if she ever videotaped herself getting intimate with anyone, and Holly Madison immediately answered: "No!"

The model and current Las Vegas performer added, "If there was, it would have been out there already." Well, there'd be no doubt. But imagine what that could do to the ratings of Holly's World if a sex tape was released.

There's no chance of that though. "No. I'm lucky that I don't have a lot of ex-boyfriends. I don't really have the time to date anybody seriously," Holly Madison went on. "But people don't believe and they assume I'm hooking up with people left and right."

With Holly Madison's new show premiering soon, the hype's up and her fans are getting ready. But they're mostly interested in her personal life. Having moved on from Hugh Hefner and The Girls Next Door, she's been out and about - particularly with musician Benji Madden.

Holly Madison insists that nothing's going on between them though and she's not really going out of her way to look for a new guy. "Benji's my little buddy, but we're not dating. I'm single," she admitted.

"I always have my eyes open, but I'm not doing anything specifically to meet a guy. I'm not on match.com or anything. Although I've thought about it."

What she's keener on though, is raising her own family. The 30-year-old reality TV star admitted that she wants to be surrounded by lots of kids, saying "I'd like to have three or four of my own and then adopt a couple of more. So probably, like, five total."

Holly Madison Ready to Get Hitched?

Nothing to worry about though. Holly Madison won't be picking kids out from countries all over the world. "I'm going to do whatever's easiest. I mean, there's probably some orphans in Las Vegas that could use a home," she said. But they might even end up on her reality show.

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