Kendra Wilkinson Moving Out of 'Next Door' to a New Show
Kendra Wilkinson Moving Out of 'Next Door' to a New Show
Kendra Wilkinson didn't just move away from the Playboy mansion and out of Hugh Hefner's life.  Leaving her The Girls Next Door fame behind doesn't mean she's completely washed her hands of being a reality TV star.  Access Hollywood has confirmed reports of Kendra filming her own show. 

Though there hasn't been any final word on the upcoming reality series, a few bits and pieces of information have already leaked out.  Kendra was spotted in Tampa Bay for the Super Bowl, working on the new program which would focus on her career after The Girls Next Door.  With one era of her life over, she's now focusing on starting anew.

Following that decision, it seems as though a big part of Kendra Wilkinson's fresh start is her soon-to-be husband, football player Hank Baskett.  It's also likely that their pending nuptials will be featured on the forthcoming series.  That is, viewers will get a chance to have a sneak peek into the ceremony about to take place.  Baskett and Wilkinson announced their engagement in November of last year, when the Philadelphia Eagles athlete proposed to her in Seattle, Washington. 

Perhaps Hugh Hefner will also be making an appearance on Wilkinson's show.  Who knows?  There were reports that he was supposed to walk Kendra down the aisle for her supposed June wedding.  Even so, the reality television star admitted that she was having second thoughts about having Hef take part in giving the bride away. 

But the Playboy mogul doesn't seem to mind whether he's going to the wedding or not.  He's busy with his new girls as of the moment, and was even quoted saying “The best solution to lost love is new love.”  It appears as though he's more than ready to move on, as the rest of the former stars of The Girls Next Door have already done.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: E! Online, Access Hollywood
(Image Courtesy of Kendra Wilkinson's Official Website)