'Girls Next Door': Robert Downey Jr. Playing Hugh Hefner in Movie?
'Girls Next Door': Robert Downey Jr. Playing Hugh Hefner in Movie?
If you made a list of all the fictional playboys in movies recently, the name Tony Stark would pop up quick. No wonder media mogul Hugh Hefner has no problem about the idea of Robert Downey Jr. to play his big-screen version.

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We've heard that a biopic of the Girls Next Door star's life is in the works, with director Brett Ratner tied to the project. He told E! Online about approaching the A-list actor about the role and explained just how things went during the meeting.

"I called Robert and we went to see him and sat down with him," Ratner explained to the publication. "I think with the right script, Robert would do it. He would be great."

While the possibility is there, there's still a big problem. The script hasn't been penned yet, despite producer Brian Grazer obtaining the rights to Hugh Hefner's story. All of it's being planned for now, concentrating on the Girls Next Door star's early years. That is, how he established the Playboy empire.

"It's taken me three years just to get something that I think I can actually turn into a movie," Brett Ratner said. "We're working on it. It's just so hard because Hugh Hefner's life--how do you put it into two hours?"

Well, they better get that done if they want Robert Downey Jr. joining the team. But Hef isn't the only one rubbing shoulders with celebrities lately. Former Girls Next Door star Holly Madison was spotted with comedian Wayne Brady in Las Vegas.

Theater Mania reports that he watched Holly's Planet Hollywood act, Peepshow and even hung out with her after the show. But Wayne Brady just stopped by after his own performance, Making It Up, at The Venetian.

Someone who might be staying away from shows these days is Kendra Wilkinson though, with her sex tape going around. Details about it have been posted by Radar Online, but this still hasn't affected her relationship with Hank Baskett.

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The Girls Next Door star will somehow pull through with that scandal though. Now, if only we can say the same thing about the Hugh Hefner movie.

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