'Girl Next Door' Bridget Marquardt Moves In to New Pad
'Girl Next Door' Bridget Marquardt Moves In to New Pad
Kendra's got a new baby and Holly's got a gig at "Peepshow," so what's left for former The Girls Next Door star Bridget Marquardt?  She's getting herself a new home.  It may not be the Playboy mansion she got used to for years as Hugh Hefner's girlfriend, but she's trying to manage.

The reality star and model told E! Online about settling into her new house in suburban Sherman Oaks.  She's obviously excited at the changes in her life right now, as she admits to having big plans regarding the place.

"I've never had my own house before," she said to the publication.  "We ended up with a Tuscan-style house."

The Los Angeles Times reported that Bridget's house went for $1,725,00 as its jumping-off point.  Still, it was exactly what the girl needed.  She's not used to anything less, being pampered in the Playboy mansion and all.

While it definitely is a dream home for Marquardt, there are still a few things to tweak.  She's actually planning on having a trapeze installed in her two-story entry hallway, which she'll be using to keep herself trim.

"Trapeze is a great workout.  It got me in the best shape in my life!" she claimed.  The 5,922 square-foot home will be getting that addition, which she describes as "vintage style--with velvet on the ropes and shiny silver balls on the ends."

As for the other rooms, Bridget says one of them will certainly be home to her Girls Next Door memorabilia.  Apparently she's not ready to let go of all that yet.  Seven years in the Playboy manor and here's what else she's hoping for: a swimming pool with a water slide, a fireplace in the master bedroom, and a bedroom-turned-wardrobe.
For Bridget Marquardt, her new home simply matches her thrilling life as host of Bridget's Sexiest Beaches.  She says that the Sherman Oaks place "literally had everything plus," but there's one thing that won't be a staple: Hugh Hefner.  Even so, she's got someone better to keep her company: boyfriend and new roomie Nicholas Carpenter.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: E! Online, San Francisco Chronicle
(Image Courtesy of The Insider)