'The Gifted' Theory: This Is Probably Why Dr. Campbell Is Obsessed with Mutants
'The Gifted' Theory: This Is Probably Why Dr. Campbell Is Obsessed with Mutants
Alexandria Gunn
Alexandria Gunn
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Dr. Campbell is one of the scariest characters on The Gifted. He has no abilities, but uses science to manipulate and (seemingly) brainwash mutants. Unless the actions will help him further his research, he isn't interested and will harm innocent people to get his way. Why does he have this dangerous obsession with mutants?

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The Comics Could Explain

The character on The Gifted does appear in the comic series and the two characters share a number of similarities. With that in mind, it's likely that the storyline will work with the same development. Dr. Campbell, also known as Ahab in the comics, originally wanted to help mutants. However, he sees an alternate reality, where he lost his leg due to mutants and he was driven mad by that. In an attempt to avoid it happening, he actually creates the world he has seen.

One of the issues with the theory that the show will follow the comic's backstory is that Dr. Campbell is already after mutants. That suggests he has already lost his leg at the hand of a mutant and is now out for revenge against all, viewing all as dangerous terrorists. Of course, we haven't seen his leg under his trousers, so it is possible that he is meant to have a prosthetic.

This storyline would be similar to Jace Turner's, which may be why he connects to Jace so much. He understands what it's like to lose something important. For Jace, it's was losing his daughter and then the memories of her death. For Dr. Campbell, it's losing his leg.

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A Need to Push Mutants for Science

Alternatively, The Gifted could opt for a different backstory for Dr. Campbell. Rather than give him a reason to hate mutants, he could just love science too much. There is the possibility that he wants to see how much mutants can be pushed, experimenting on them to see how they can all become hounds for his cause.

This theory could be overshadowed by Dr. Campbell telling Jace that he thinks with the brainwashed mutants they may be able to win the war. However, Dr. Campbell may have just lost sight of his original work in the name of science. He may have been driven mad with the research and the experiments that were carried out.

There is also the possibility that he never originally had the choice. He must work for Trask Industries, which Reed learned was the private contractor to deal with the selected mutants. If he started working at a young age, he may have also been brainwashed into the idea that mutants were evil and better as scientific experiments.

What do you think about Dr. Campbell's storyline? Will the show follow the comic book storyline or develop a new backstory? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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