'The Fosters' Summer Finale Recap: Why are the Police at Prom?
'The Fosters' Summer Finale Recap: Why are the Police at Prom?
Casey Cummings
Casey Cummings
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It's the summer finale of The Fosters season 5. This season introduced quite a few storylines that have so far been left open-ended, but this episode, titled "Prom," brings us a little bit of closure and a few cameos to boot.

Although we're not any closer to finding out whether or not Anchor Beach will be turned into a charter school, we do learn how Mariana deals with Logan's girlfriend, Olivia, who is convinced that she's trying to steal her man. Stef has an emotional conversation with Tess. Brandon learns the real reason that Grace's mom wants her to come home. And Callie makes a great escape.

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The Truth About Grace

Grace's mom wants her to move back home. Brandon doesn't understand. He thinks she should be able to do whatever she wants. He talks to her mom and finds out what's really going on. Grace has an aggressive form of leukemia. She first got sick when she was 9 years old and again when she was 13. It's been in remission but is back now. Grace's mom wants her to come home so she can go through chemotherapy.

Upon hearing the news about Grace's health, Brandon is determined to give her the best prom night ever. He rents a limo for them and even gives her a tiara (because she's his prom queen). Grace doesn't know that Brandon is aware of her illness. She quickly becomes weak and tired after a night of dancing. He takes her home. They're laying on his bed. She tells Brandon that even if she can't go to Coachella (one of the plans they've previously made), she wants him to go without her. He says they'll both go, and then he tells her he loves her. She says it back and starts to fall asleep.

Mariana Gets Herself into Another Pickle

Mariana finds herself caught up in another scheme. She invited Logan to come to prom with her and her friends, and he invited his girlfriend, Olivia. It wasn't too long after that when Olivia started sending Mariana threatening texts. In an effort to convince Olivia that she isn't trying to go after Logan, Mariana makes up the lie that she has a boyfriend -- who was an ex-boyfriend, but they're back together -- who is going to prom with her.

She runs into Wyatt in the hallway at school. Remember Wyatt? He's the guy Mariana lost her virginity to when she was dating Matt. She asks him to be her prom date/ex-boyfriend/fake current boyfriend. He can't say no because he "owes her."

Mariana, Jesus, Callie, Aaron, Poppy, Logan and Olivia all go to prom together. It should be said that Drew actually canceled the school prom, but Mariana decided they could throw an alternative prom at the derby warehouse. Since someone destroyed the Anchor Beach charter model that had been on display at the school, he was worried about what could happen at prom. Lena can't chaperone since it's not a school-sponsored event, so Stef goes in her place.

At the derby warehouse, Olivia keeps questioning Mariana on who her date is. Mariana finds Wyatt by the punch bowl, and of course he's already drunk -- and a little stoned. She realizes she needs to find another date. She runs into Matt. Just as it seems like he's about to tell her he still has feelings for her, Poppy interrupts. She tells Mariana that Olivia told Jesus she and Wyatt are back together. Mariana goes back to talk to Matt, but his old girlfriend Zoe walks up. She assumes they're back together. In an effort to make it seem like she wasn't trying to talk to Matt, she says she's just collecting money for a raffle.

Meanwhile, Emma is getting drunk after seeing Jesus dancing with Poppy. Mariana sits next to her and tells her about her fake boyfriend dilemma. Emma asks why her ex couldn't be a girlfriend instead of a boyfriend? Mariana introduces Emma to Logan and Olivia. Before she can get a sentence out, Emma starts kissing her.

Emma and Mariana are slow dancing as Poppy and Jesus watch from afar. Jesus is so confused about what's happening. He keeps asking when they became friends again. In the middle of the dance, Emma starts to get sick from the spiked punch. She runs to the bathroom.

Jesus and Emma Make Up, Callie and Aaron Fight

Jesus is waiting for Emma when she gets out of the bathroom. He tells her that he's sorry for what he said to her before. He says that he's okay if they're not together forever; he just wants to be with her right now. They're spotted kissing by Logan and Olivia from across the room. Olivia asks Mariana why her girlfriend is kissing her brother. Mariana feigns outrage and shock.

Jealousy seems to be a theme in this episode of The Fosters. Callie and Aaron keep running into AJ and his girlfriend at prom. Each time they do, Callie pulls Aaron into another direction to avoid them. Aaron finally asks her (out of nowhere) why she didn't tell him that AJ was at the protest with her.

Callie is confused since she didn't even know Aaron was there. He says he wanted to make sure she was okay. Callie realizes that Aaron didn't take his internship this summer because he can't trust her. When she questions him on it, he doesn't deny it. Instead, he says that it was easy enough for him to take Callie from AJ, that it wouldn't be so hard for AJ to take her back. It's a pretty disgusting statement. Callie is sick of Aaron's shit. He's constantly trying to manipulate her by playing games. She tells him that she isn't property and breaks up with him. Somehow, he doesn't see that coming.

Back to Mariana, who is sulking in her sorrow at a table alone while Emma and Jesus dance, Wyatt drinks some more and Logan hangs out with Olivia. She gets an anonymous text on her phone from someone saying they know who destroyed the school model and can help save Anchor Breach. She asks who they are. It's Nick! But Mariana doesn't see that text because Matt walks up. He wants to know who won the raffle. She confesses the raffle was a lie.

Mariana admits to Matt that she made up the lie about the raffle when she saw him with Zoe. He says they're just friends and asks Mariana to dance. Somehow, even with all of the scheming and lying, things are working out for Mariana.

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Tess Comes Out to Stef

There has been a lot of tension between Stef and Tess since Stef confessed the feelings she had for her back in high school. To make matters worse, Tess is chaperoning with Stef. After a glass or two of the spiked punch, Stef confronts Tess. She tells her that she thinks she's homophobic. She doesn't understand why she would treat her the way she did back in high school after she learned she was gay.

Tess denies being homophobic. She finally comes clean, saying that she did feel she had something special with Stef. She says that she's unhappy in her marriage and she thinks it's because she's been lying to herself. She's never admitted that she's gay. And that admission is going to have to wait a little longer because Callie interrupts the conversation to tell Stef that ICE is outside looking for Ximena.

Ximena Makes a Run for It

Stef escorts Ximena out of prom in make-shift handcuffs. When ICE stops her to ask what she's being taken in for, Stef says she's being detained for underage possession of alcohol. They want to bust her for making threats against the United States during the protest. Stef ignores them and loads Ximena into the back of the car.

ICE tries to claim jurisdiction, but Steff calls their bluff. She walks to the front of the car to talk to them. They say they'll just grab her after she's been processed at the station.

While this conversation is going on, Ximena escapes the back of Stef's car and gets into another car with AJ and Callie. The immigration notice something is up when AJ drives past. They radio for other officers to stop them.

Callie calls Stef for help. ICE is following them but hasn't pulled them over. Stef says they don't know if Ximena is really with them or not. She tells them to go below the speed limit; don't do anything to get pulled over and do exactly as she says.

Callie calls Jude and asks him for a favor. She needs him to call Noah's mom to see if her church can be used as a sanctuary for Ximena. She has her DACA card, but immigration is chasing them to deport her.

Jude makes the call to Noah's mom and lets Callie know that she's on her way to the church. She says the west side door is always open. Callie tells Ximena to take off her heels because they're going to have to make a run for it. AJ parks in front of the church, and they all rush out of the car. Callie doesn't know which side is the west side, so of course the first door they come to is locked. Red and blue lights flood the street, along with police sirens.

Ximena, Callie and AJ run around the building to another door. The ICE officers are feet away once three make it inside. AJ asks what they're supposed to do next. Callie tells them they stay until they're sure they can walk out without Ximena being detained. It seems they're safe for now.

In other Fosters news, Monty stops by the house to tell Lena that she has a job offer with another charter school. Lena doesn't want her to take it. She tells her with her vote that they're only one board member vote away from keeping Anchor Beach as is. Monty explains that might be true, but the board still wants to see both of them fired, and she doesn't want to go to work with a target on her back. Monty asks Lena to come work at the school with her. Jude overhears the conversation. We'll have to wait until the show returns to find out what Lena decides to do.

What did you think of the summer finale? Are you happy to see Jesus and Emma back together? What about Matt and Mariana? And what's the deal with Nick? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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