'The Fosters' Mid-Season Finale Recap: Who Betrays Callie This Time?
'The Fosters' Mid-Season Finale Recap: Who Betrays Callie This Time?
Megan Cole
Megan Cole
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In last week's episode of The Fosters, Callie lost her faith in Wyatt after he left her side to chase after Liam, Mariana decided she wanted to see Ana and Stef began to deal with her grief over losing the baby.

In this week's mid-season finale, "Someone's Little Sister," Callie turns to Robert Quinn in an effort to save Girls United, and Lena finally returns from that camping trip with Jude. Read on to find out if the 10th episode of The Fosters season 2 delivers the heart and heartache we have come to expect.

Lena Takes a Stand

Lena's first day back at work after that insanely long camping trip is also the first day for Anchor Beach's new principal. This woman, Monte, tells Lena that she cannot make Anchor Beach a good school without Lena's help. She is giving Lena complete control over the academic side of things while she handles the financial duties. Lena and Monte seem to be on the same page about a lot of things, but that does not last.

After Jude tells Lena about Connor's black eye, Lena calls Connor's dad in for a chat. Connor's dad explains it away as a spanking gone wrong, but Lena is not satisfied by that explanation. Connor's dad blames Lena for Connor being punished because Lena allowed Jude and Connor to share the same tent on the camping trip. When Monte questions why that is a problem, Connor's dad says that Jude is gay.

Lena is furious that Connor's dad would out her son like that, especially considering Jude has not figured out his own sexuality yet. Lena confronts Connor's dad about being a bully and decides that she will not let it continue. But Lena's job as Vice Principal interferes with her desire to defend her son, so Lena quits.

Stef is not pleased by this decision and thinks it is motivated more by Lena's recent losses than by her need to defend Jude. Lena and Stef spend much of the episode arguing about this without resolving anything.

When Jude asks if it is his fault that Lena quit her job, Lena explains that she quit because someone needs to stand up to bullies. But poor Jude says she should not defend him because something did happen with Connor on the camping trip. Alas, we will have to wait until the show returns to learn more.

Callie Turns to Robert for Help

Callie stops by to see Rita (returning guest star Rosie O'Donnell) because she wants to know how things are going with Girls United. Rita says things have stalled because no one wants to rent to a group home, and she does not have the money to buy a place of her own. But Callie is determined to help save Girls United by any means necessary.

Robert Quinn pays Callie a visit to inform her that he has finally signed the abandonment papers so Callie can get adopted, and Callie asks him if he will help her raise money for Girls United. Robert offers to throw a fundraiser at his home and invite plenty of his wealthy friends.

But when the Quinns ask how they should explain their connection to Callie, Callie wants them to call her a friend of the family. This upsets Sophia, as she does not understand why she cannot tell people that Callie is her sister. Later, Sophia ropes Callie in to sleeping over the night before the fundraiser so they can spend more time together.

Callie's Life Falls Apart, Again

The fundraiser starts off well enough and they seem to raise plenty of money for Girls United. Unfortunately, things do not go as well for Callie. She has a conversation with Rita about her biological father and Rita convinces Callie that Robert wants to be part of her life for the long haul. So when it comes time for Callie to give a speech, she acknowledges Robert as her father and Sophia as her sister. Sophia is thrilled by this and is quick to tell Callie that they can still be a family. Even though Robert signed the abandonment papers, they never got sent out because Sophia destroyed them.

Callie's day gets worse when Robert tells her that he cannot sign the papers for a second time. He claims that signing them once was the hardest thing he has ever done, and after hearing her call him her father, he cannot give her up. Callie is furious and storms out, but not before yelling at both Robert and Sophia. Sophia is devastated by Callie's reaction and she heads into the bathroom with a haunted look in her eyes that lets us know that something awful is about to happen.

Yet instead of staying with Sophia, we follow Callie as she runs off. Brandon follows her and Callie explains what happened. Callie is close to hysterics, so Brandon gets her to sit down and breathe. Brandon says that no matter what happens, they will be her family. But poor Callie is so confused that she starts to wonder if this is what was always supposed to happen. Callie and Brandon lock eyes and lips, and I wonder why the show felt the need to revisit their romance. The Brandon-Callie relationship has never done either character any favors and it upsets the entire family dynamic in weird and uncomfortable ways. If the writers were so intent on going this route, Callie's adoption storyline should have never been introduced.

Mariana Confronts Ana

Mariana is still determined to see Ana, but Jesus has no interest in spending time with their biological mother. Stef and Lena have agreed to let the twins visit Ana despite everything that has happened, so Mariana blackmails Jesus into coming with her, but things do not go as expected.

After Ana makes her big amends speech, Mariana gets to say her peace. Mariana is furious with Ana and calls her a stranger before storming out. Jesus, on the other hand, tries to comfort Ana after Mariana makes her cry. Ana, for her part, actually tells Jesus that it is not his job to make her feel better. As nice as that is, one decent moment does not a parent make.

In related news, Lena has a hard time handling Ana's reappearance in their lives. After losing her daughter, Lena does not understand how Ana could abandon her children. Lena checks on Mariana after her visit with Ana, and Mariana asks Lena if she chose to get pregnant so she would have a "real" daughter. Lena lets Mariana know that she is her real daughter and she could not love her more even if she gave birth to her. I love that the show takes the time to explore all of the different relationships in this family. Lena has always been close to Jude and Stef is close to Callie, but I love that they both have strong connections to all of the kids.

Other Happenings

-- Mariana finally loses her new look and goes back being a brunette. I agree with everyone that I missed brunette-Mariana.

-- Jesus finally starts to cut ties with Hayley in this week's episode. He decides to go to the fundraiser instead of spending time taking care of her. Perhaps his chat with Ana actually did some good. Now if he can only have that tattoo removed before Stef and Lena spot it...

-- After several misunderstandings, Lou and Brandon take the next step in their relationship with an impromptu make-out session. They also rediscover their on-stage chemistry when the band plays at the fundraiser. But now that Callie and Brandon are reconnecting, where does that leave Lou?

What did you think of the mid-season finale of The Fosters? Would you like to see the show explore a romantic relationship between Jude and Connor? Were you surprised that Sophia interfered in Callie's life or did you see that coming? Do you think Ana is sincere in trying to make amends to the twins? Do you want Brandon to pursue things with Lou, or are you rooting for Brandon and Callie? Is Wyatt gone for good, even though he and Callie have not officially broken up? And do you agree with Stef that Lena quit her job to gain some control over her life? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

According to the promo, all-new episodes of The Fosters are coming soon to ABC Family.

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