'The Fosters' Recap: When the Moms are Away, the Kids Will Play
'The Fosters' Recap: When the Moms are Away, the Kids Will Play
Megan Cole
Megan Cole
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In last week's episode, Callie met her birth father and learned she has a half-sister. Brandon started to get over his hand issues thanks to a pretty girl and a new-found love of rock music. Jesus and Emma broke up for the 200th time, and Jude may have lost his best friend when Connor's dad forbade them from spending time together because he thought Jude was gay.

In this week's episode, "Play," Stef and Lena go away for a "babymoon," leaving Brandon and Callie in charge. And we all know what that means -- the Fosters throw a party. Read on to find out if the third episode of The Fosters season 2 delivers the heart and heartache we have come to expect.

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A Disaster Waiting to Happen

Stef and Lena are bummed that they have to cancel their "babymoon" -- which is like a honeymoon, only you go away after you get pregnant instead of going away after you get married -- because the kids' grandmother cannot come and stay with them. Callie thinks they should go anyway, since the kids are old enough to stay alone for one night. Stef is adamantly against the idea, but Lena thinks they can go if they leave Brandon and Callie in charge. Apparently, Lena has forgotten everything that happened with those two last season. Stef eventually relents, and we know she will come to regret giving in.

The night before the babymoon, Brandon has band practice with Lou and Matt. Brandon thinks Lou is coming on too strong during the songs, but Lou disagrees. They decide to let some of their friends weigh in, and Brandon eventually agrees to host a gathering at his house when his moms are away.

Callie -- The Only One Thinking Clearly

The next day at school, Matt tells Mariana about the gathering Brandon is planning and Mariana misinterprets it as a party. Mariana invites the girls from the dance team because she is tired of being left out of their get-togethers. As every television show featuring teenagers has taught us over the years, the party spirals out of control.

When Callie learns that Brandon and Mariana have decided to throw a party on her watch, she is furious. She tries to convince them to cancel the party because they have finally earned their moms' trust back and it would be stupid to lose it again, but she is overruled. So Callie sets out a ground rule that they should host the party in the backyard and no one is allowed inside the house. Callie enlists Jude and Wyatt to help her keep the party-goers out of the house.

Jude's Eventful Night

Since Callie asks Wyatt over, Jude invites Maddie and she brings along a friend. Jude tries to keep the girls entertained, but they are not interested in watching the party-goers so they suggest a game of spin-the-bottle. Jude tries to claim they cannot play with only three people, but Connor shows up and makes it an even four. The game goes along well enough, though Jude and Maddie are not as into it as Connor and Maddie's friend. But then Jude takes a turn and lands on Connor. Connor claims it is fine and they go in for the kiss, but are interrupted by news that Connor's dad has arrived.

Earlier in the episode, Jude and Connor have a talk at school. Connor claims he does not care if Jude is gay and they can keep being friends as long as his dad does not find out. But Jude does not want to be anyone's secret so he friend-breaks-up with Connor. When Connor shows up at the party later that night, he claims he told his dad about coming over, but Jude later learns that Connor snuck out. Jude and the girls cover for Connor so his dad does not find him, but we still do not know where Jude and Connor stand.

The Girls Have a Bad Night

Callie spends all night playing the party police and desperately trying to limit the damage done to the house. She is mildly successful until several seemingly drunk teens break the living room window.

Mariana spends all night looking after Kaitlyn, one of the girls on her dance team. Kaitlyn claims the girls have rules for how to behave at parties and Mariana does her best to keep the other girls from finding out that Kaitlyn has broken almost every rule. But when Mariana sees all of the girls breaking their own rules, she realizes the rules are only in place for her. Mariana, you deserve better friends.

The Boys Have a Great Night

Jesus wastes no time in getting over his break-up with Emma. He bonds with Hayley -- another girl on Mariana's dance team -- over their newly single status and they end up sleeping together. But Jesus likes Hayley so he asks for her number and we get the feeling that this will be more than a one-time hook-up. Is Jesus going to have a different girlfriend every other week? Because that makes it a bit difficult for the audience to invest in his relationships.

Brandon's night gets off to a rough start when Lou shows up late and they get into another fight. Lou storms off and the band has to go on without her. Luckily, Brandon can fill in as lead singer, as long as they only have to play one song.

Brandon's night improves after Callie sets Lou straight about a few things, and she realizes that she might have the wrong impression of Brandon. Lou decides to perform after all, and Brandon and Lou take the next step in their eventual romance by connecting on stage. Their voices do sound really good together.

Lena and Stef's Babymoon

Like Brandon's night, Stef and Lena's babymoon does not get off to the best start. Stef seems more interested in chatting up the masseuse than spending time with Lena and this leads to another argument. But Stef and Lena make the best of their time together by finally talking out the problems in their marriage.

Lena tells Stef that she misses how close they were on their wedding night, and even though she knows they cannot be that connected all the time, she doesn't think Stef should blame her for wanting to feel that way again. And Stef admits that, given the many stresses currently in her life, there are times when she forgets how important it is for them to take care of one another. They make up with some much-needed grown-up time.

Final Thoughts

-- Callie tells Wyatt about her half-sister, but she has yet to inform Jude or her moms. How will Jude take it when he learns the truth? Will Stef and Lena encourage Callie to meet her sister?

-- Stef's flirty dance is both sexy and adorable.

-- Wyatt continues to be the perfect boyfriend, and I hope his observation about Brandon and Callie finally acting like siblings is a sign that we are done with the Brandon/Callie romance.

-- Speaking of Wyatt, how convenient would it have been if his window fix had worked? But since it did not, will Stef and Lena make the kids pool their money together to pay for the damage? I know I would.

-- Did Lena really believe the kids' obvious lies about what they were up to? Or was she just in denial because she did not want to pass up the opportunity to spend a night alone with her wife?

What did you think of this week's episode of The Fosters? Do you like Jesus' newest girlfriend or do you miss Emma? Are you any closer to shipping Brandon and Lou? Are you as happy as I am that we got a break from the "Did Mike kill Ana?" mystery? And be honest, when was the last time you accidentally butt-dialed someone? I did it last week. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

The Fosters airs Mondays at 9pm on ABC Family.

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