'The Fosters' Recap: The Family Loses One of Their Own
'The Fosters' Recap: The Family Loses One of Their Own
Megan Cole
Megan Cole
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In last week's episode, Brandon told Lena what happened with Dani, Callie was unknowingly dealing with trauma from being raped and Ana turned out to be alive and hanging out with Mike at a motel.

In this week's episode, "Mother," the Fosters deal with an unexpected loss. One of the things The Fosters does best is showing how people come together in times of tragedy. When Stef's father died last season, the family rallied around her as only family can. That happens again in this episode, as Lena and Stef deal with the loss of their daughter. Read on to find out if the sixth episode of The Fosters season 2 delivers the heart and heartache we have come to expect.

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Lena and the Baby are in Danger

The episode begins with Lena's dream of the little girl she and Stef are going to have. The baby is adorable -- the spitting image of Lena -- and the moms could not be happier. Lena wakes up from her heavenly dream to hear Mariana and Jesus arguing yet again. They are still fighting about the Hayley issue and Lena is having none of it. She starts to get dizzy and the twins are concerned, but Lena says she is fine.

Lena then makes a call to her doctor because she has a headache she has not been able to shake all day. She calls Stef to see where she is, and once again claims she is fine. But Mariana calls Stef later on and tells her that Brandon had to take Lena to the emergency room.

Lena is apparently released from the emergency room off-screen. She has been put on bed-rest and needs to have her blood pressure monitored regularly. As long as her blood pressure does not go up, she should be okay. Of course, she lives with a bunch of teenagers, so keeping her blood pressure down is next to impossible.

The Dani Situation Continues to Cause Problems

One of the things not helping Lena's health is the Dani problem. Now that Lena knows the truth about Dani, she freaks out when Mike and Dani show up at the house after hearing about Lena's condition. Lena comes close to telling Mike the truth about Dani, but ultimately stays mum on the subject.

She does the same later on with Stef, though she does tell Stef about Brandon getting high. I cannot see Lena remaining quiet about this for long, so I imagine the truth about Dani will come out next week, as there just is not enough time to deal with that in this episode. 

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The Emotional Conclusion

While on bed-rest, Stef and Lena discuss baby names. Lena wants to name the baby Francesca -- Frankie, for short -- after Stef's father, and Stef loves the idea. The night before Lena has to go in for a follow-up appointment, the family crowds together on the bed to play Monopoly.

The next day at the appointment, Lena and Stef learn that Lena's condition is declining rapidly. Lena's blood pressure is dangerously high and rising, and the medication is not helping. All they can do now is deliver the baby and the placenta as soon as possible. But since the baby is only 20 weeks along, she will not survive. Lena wants to wait and hope for the best, but the doctor says it is too big of a risk to Lena's health.

Lena is in denial about her condition and believes that if she just has faith, their baby will pull through. It is not until Lena's mother shows up that Lena begins to accept the truth. They talk about what it means to be a parent, and Lena's mother says that it means you have to be willing to make sacrifices for your children. The kids need Lena, and as heartbreaking as it is, their needs trump Lena's desire to carry the baby to term. Devastated, Lena agrees to deliver the baby in order to save her own life. Lorraine Toussaint and Sherri Saum are incredible in this scene and I have a keyboard covered with tears to prove it.

After Lena loses the baby, she is visited by a little girl named Layla. Layla and Lena talk about Layla's stuffed unicorn, and Layla ultimately gives Lena the toy to help her feel better. Layla tells Lena that unicorn's name is Frankie, and I start sobbing all over again.

As the episode concludes, the family decides to plant a tree in Frankie's memory.

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Other Tidbits

-- In this episode, we finally get to hear Jude's beautiful voice again after he has a talk with Callie. Callie tells Jude that she knows he is angry at all of the recent changes in their lives, but that she will never see Sophia again if it hurts him. She goes on to say that he has to talk to the people who love him because not doing so is selfish and Jude is the furthest thing from selfish. Jude agrees with a simple "Okay" and later reads out the dedication for Frankie.

-- Stef and Lena are finally trying to pawn off their intimacy-killing bed, and Jesus agrees to help for a small commission. After several failed attempts to get rid of the bed, Stef sells it to an older woman for $1,000. Later on at the hospital, Jesus tells Stef to keep the commission money. This storyline is a bit silly, especially once Mariana gets in on the deal, but it manages to provide some much-needed humor throughout the episode.

-- Stef questions Mike about why he is helping Ana, and he eventually tells her what he remembers about the night he blacked out. He remembers going to see Ana at the halfway house to threaten her. He says he went back later that night to take care of Ana for good, but only remembers Dani finding him passed out in his car later on. When he found out Ana was missing, he was worried he did something to her, so the relief he felt when he found her alive was overwhelming. He has made it his mission to help Ana get sober as a way to make amends. So we still do not know why Mike had blood on his hands that night, but at least we know why Mike is spending time with Ana.

-- After a talk with Brandon, Callie calls Wyatt. She tells him the reason she panicked during their attempt at sex is because she was raped. Callie goes on to say that she needs time to work through some stuff, and Wyatt tells her to take all the time she needs. All Wyatt asks is that she continues to talk to him.

What did you think of this week's episode of The Fosters? Are you surprised Lena lost the baby? Do you think Brandon will come clean with Stef about what happened with Dani, or will Lena be forced to tell her? Are you pleased Stef and Lena are finally rid of that horrible bed? And just how much did you cry during this episode? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

The Fosters airs Mondays at 9pm on ABC Family.

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