'The Fosters' Recap: Is This the End for Girls United?
'The Fosters' Recap: Is This the End for Girls United?
Megan Cole
Megan Cole
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In last week's episode, Brandon told Stef and Mike what happened with Dani and Dani was arrested. Callie introduced Jude to the Quinns. And Mariana began to see Hayley for the manipulator she is.

In this week's episode, "Girls Reunited," Callie visits her old Girls United stomping grounds, only to find that much has changed since she left. Read on to find out if the eighth episode of The Fosters season 2 delivers the heart and heartache we have come to expect.

You Can't Go Home Again

Callie heads back to Girls United because they are hosting a Community Day and she offers to help out. Callie quickly realizes that things have changed in the house, as Cole is hooking up with the new girl, Becca has dropped her bad attitude and Kiara has lost her foster family. The new girl is rather hostile toward Callie, something that does not improve once Callie catches her getting drugs from her dealer.

Callie also learns that Rita (returning guest star Rosie O'Donnell) is being threatened by one of the neighbors, Steve, who wants Girls United out of the neighborhood. Rita tells Callie that their lease is almost up and Steve is trying to convince the other neighbors to pressure the landlord into not renewing the lease. Rita is hosting Community Day to give the girls a chance to meet the neighbors and give the them a chance to see what Girls United is really about.

Dev's Devious Ways

Cole covers for the new girl, Dev, when Callie questions them about the drugs. When Callie learns that Cole and Dev are planning to run away together rather than be separated -- Cole has finally gotten a place in the LGBT home after months of waiting for a spot to open up -- she confronts Cole. Callie says that if Dev really loved Cole, she would want him to go to a home where people understood him and he could get the hormones and treatments he needs.

Callie is right about Dev, as Dev shows her true colors when Cole tells her that he does not want to leave. Dev says she was only using Cole to get out of town and Cole is heartbroken. Dev hassles the others about her missing drugs, but Kiara tells her to take a hike. Dev then storms out of the house without her drugs and with no intention of returning.

Everything Goes Up in Flames

Cole is not the only one of Callie's friends going through a hard time. Becca's change in attitude is thanks to her reconnecting with her mother. Becca's mother has apologized for the way she treated her -- her mother's boyfriends used to abuse Becca and her mother would ship her off to her grandmother instead of dealing with it -- and Becca plans to move in with her once she gets out of the group home. But Becca's happiness is destroyed when she learns that her mother has a new boyfriend.

Instead of talking things over with Rita, Becca decides to get high and she steals Dev's drugs to do it. Becca then goes into the basement, and shortly thereafter, a fire breaks out. Rita gets the others out of the house, but Becca is trapped in the basement. With Callie's help, Rita gets Becca to safety, but the damage has already been done. Thanks to the fire, the landlord will surely refuse to renew the lease. Callie's friends will have to go back to juvie until they can be placed in new group homes, and Rita does not know what will happen with Girls United.

Double Dates are a Recipe for Disaster

Mariana asks Stef if she can borrow their kitchen to cook a meal for a double date. Hayley is apparently a good cook, so she and Mariana want to make dinner for Jesus and Mat. Jesus thinks it is because Mariana is afraid of Mat and does not want to be alone on their first date.

The date does not go well, as Mariana and Hayley wind up fighting. Mariana thinks Hayley was wrong for manipulating Jesus into not going to the team dinner, and Hayley is defensive because that seems to be her default state. Hayley storms out and Jesus follows after her because he still has not figured out her game.

Once again, Hayley gets Jesus to blow off something he wants to do -- study, in this case -- to spend time with her. But things go better for Mariana and Mat once the others leave, and they end up sharing a sweet kiss.

Other Happenings

-- One reason Callie goes back to Girls United is because she wants someone to talk to about her situation with Wyatt. Callie tells Kiara that she is having trouble being with Wyatt and she asks Kiara how long it took her to be able to have sex after she was raped. Kiara tells Callie that she will not be over it until she is over it and she suggests that Callie get some help. Kiara, you are as smart as you are awesome.

-- Stef is shocked when she gets a letter from Ana. Ana wants to see the twins so she can make amends, but Stef will not let Ana anywhere near her family again. Then again, Stef re-reads Ana's letter later on in the episode, so she might be having a change of heart. Do not let this woman back into your life, Stef. Let Mike deal with her, if he must.

-- Lena and Jude are off on a camping trip and we do not even get to see Jude's adorable face in this episode. But we do see Lena's, as she and Stef communicate via video chat. Lena says Jude is enjoying the trip and that being surrounded by nature is helping her deal with her grief over losing the baby.

-- Lou stops by the house to see Brandon and they almost kiss, but Brandon backs off at the last moment. Maybe he should follow Stef's advice to see a therapist. Maybe he and Callie could even see the same therapist.

What did you think of this week's episode of The Fosters? Did you know Steve was a red herring or did you think he was going to be responsible for the fire shown in the promos? Why did Dev say she hoped the others were light sleepers? Did she know the drugs were bad? Is that what caused the fire? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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