'The Fosters' Recap: Callie Meets Sophia
'The Fosters' Recap: Callie Meets Sophia
Megan Cole
Megan Cole
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In last week's episode, the Fosters threw a party when Lena and Stef went out of town for the night. During said party, Jesus hooked up with Hayley, a girl on Mariana's dance team, while Mariana spent the night babysitting another member of the team. And Callie kept quiet about her half-sister, even as she considered whether or not to meet her.

In this week's episode, "Say Something," Callie meets her half-sister for the first time, but their meeting has unforeseen consequences for Jude. Meanwhile, Lena fights for the principal position, and Mariana learns the real reason she was chosen for the dance team. Read on to find out if the fourth episode of The Fosters season 2 delivers the heart and heartache we have come to expect.

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Good News, Bad News

Timothy-the-worst returns in this week's episode, though he gains some points by the episode's end. He tells Lena that he hired an attorney to represent his interests when it comes to the baby. Stef thinks it is very suspicious that he told Lena about said attorney the day before the final interviews to find the new principal. But Lena shakes it off and does a great job with her interview, despite Timothy's leading questions about her maternity leave. Lena confronts him after the interview and wonders how she could have been so wrong about him.

Timothy comes to Lena later on to deliver the news that she did not get the job. Timothy assures her that he voted in her favor, but the board wanted new blood. However, Timothy does give Lena the signed donor agreement, finally coming through on that front. Lena is disappointed about the job, but she tries to put a positive spin on it by thinking of how much more time she can spend with the new baby.

Mariana Learns the Truth

During practice, Mariana finds out that one of the girls was kicked off the dance team for breaking the code. But since almost all of the girls broke the rules at Mariana's party, she does not understand why this girl was the only one punished. Hayley claims that this girl was the only one who showed up on the Internet looking drunk, so she has to be punished for making the other girls look bad. The team decides to hold auditions for a replacement right away.

One of the girls who auditions is Kaitlyn's friend, so Mariana assumes the team will vote for her over another girl who might be the better dancer. Yet everyone but Mariana votes for the other girl, claiming they always vote for the best dancer, period. But since the girl they chose is black, Mariana wonders if they picked her to fill their diversity quota, as they seemingly did with Mariana.

Yet when Mariana talks to Hayley about the reason she was given a spot on the team, Hayley says that it had nothing to do with diversity. The dance team chose Mariana because they believed Lena was going to be the new principal and if she had to make more cuts to the school's programs, she would not cut the team if Mariana was on it. So Mariana was not chosen to fill a quota, but she also was not chosen for her talent.

How Long Will This One Last?

Though Jesus took Hayley's number after they slept together, Hayley tells Mariana that he has not called her. Mariana is furious and tells her brother that if he is going to keep getting together with her friends, the least he can do is follow through on it and not be one of those guys. Jesus takes Mariana's advice and calls Hayley.

Hayley uses Mariana as an excuse to see Jesus and tell him she thinks they should keep their relationship a secret, partly so her ex does not find out she is dating someone else. Is Hayley's ex dangerous or did she lie to Jesus about her reasons for not wanting to make their relationship public? If Hayley and Jesus begin a real relationship, where does that leave Emma?

Brandon and Callie Move On

Wyatt is ready to take the next step with Callie, but she points out that having sex is a violation of her parole. Wyatt says he would wait forever for Callie because he loves her. Did I mention how awesome Wyatt is? But even though Callie loves Wyatt, she struggles with saying the words because she feels like it would be a betrayal of what she had with Brandon, since it was not long ago that she felt the same way about him.

Brandon is also struggling with how to move on from Callie. He keeps referring to Callie as his sister, but even someone as unfamiliar with their history as Lou can tell that something else is going on there. When Lou wants to use the song Brandon wrote for Callie in the band, Brandon is hesitant. He later talks to Callie about it, and in the spirit of moving forward, Callie tells Brandon to let Lou have the song.

At the end of the episode, Callie invites Wyatt over to tell him that she loves him.

While I understand that the Callie/Brandon relationship was a major plot point of the first season, I hope this is the last time we have to revisit that mess. Callie and Brandon's romantic relationship did not reflect well on either character, so I hope the writers are not drawing out Callie's adoption simply to leave the door open for a Callie/Brandon reunion.

Can the Quinns Be Trusted?

Stef takes Callie to meet Sophia. Sophia is clearly enamored with Callie, but Robert's wife does not seem pleased that her husband has another child. Robert tells Stef that he never knew Callie's mom was pregnant and he thinks she probably kept that secret out of fear that his family would try to take Callie away from her. He claims he loved Callie's mom, but after they eloped, his family pressured him into dissolving the marriage.

Stef seems to believe Robert's story, but she is thrown when he says he wants to open a college fund for Callie. Since he still has not signed the papers giving up his rights -- he says the paperwork is still tied up with his lawyers -- Stef feels uncomfortable about the idea of letting him start a fund for Callie.

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What about Jude?

Callie is not quite as smitten with Sophia as Sophia is with her -- probably because Callie already has the most amazing younger sibling anyone could ever have -- but she does genuinely like Sophia. They agree to meet up again soon, with plans to go shopping or horseback riding.

But Callie is not the only one adjusting to the idea of Sophia. Earlier in the episode, Callie tells Jude about her half-sister. Jude tells Callie that she should meet Sophia if it is what she wants, and he pretends to be okay with it, but his behavior suggests otherwise.

Lena and Stef get a call from Jude's science teacher, who says Jude refused to speak during class. When Callie and the moms try to talk to Jude about it, he remains silent. Is his silent-treatment a response to Callie's new sister or is something else going on?

Other Tidbits

-- Despite last week's episode revolving mostly around the party, there seems to be no fallout from the window incident. None of the kids appear to be grounded and there is no mention of who paid to have the window fixed.

-- Lena and Stef organize the kids into cleaning out the garage so they can turn it into Brandon's new studio and a hang-out place for all of the kids. During said clean-out, Lena lets it slip that they are having a girl. Mariana and Callie are delighted that the girls will now out-number the boys in their household.

-- Though Timothy signs the donor agreement, Stef's experience at the Quinns makes her wonder if they should let Timothy be part of the baby's life, just not in a parental capacity. Lena, I hope you talk Stef out of this idea because it will surely backfire.

-- Another week goes by without any mention of Mike or Ana. I would love to believe this is a sign that storyline will just disappear, but I doubt we will be that lucky.

What did you think of this week's episode of The Fosters? Will Mariana remain on the dance team now that she knows the reason she was chosen? Is Jesus really over Emma or is he just using Hayley as a distraction? Will Mrs. Quinn get in the way of Callie's growing relationships with Sophia and Robert? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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