'The Fosters' Recap: Callie and Brandon Have Difficult Choices to Make
'The Fosters' Recap: Callie and Brandon Have Difficult Choices to Make
Megan Cole
Megan Cole
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In last week's episode, Callie decided to seek out her biological father so she can be adopted, and said biological father turned out to have another daughter who is the spitting image of Callie. Brandon realized that he could no longer play the piano after his attack, and Stef realized that Mike may have done something to Ana the night she disappeared.

In tonight's episode, "Take Me Out," Stef and Lena disagree about how to handle Brandon's medical decisions, and Callie learns more about her biological father. Read on to find out if tonight's episode of The Fosters delivers the heart and heartache we have come to expect.

My Dad, the Stalker

Robert Quinn continues to visit Callie at her job without telling her who he is. He asks her about her job and she mentions having two moms, which he thinks is cool. He also leaves her a $100 tip just for a vanilla milkshake and we start to think he is a good guy. That is, until Stef and Lena tell Callie that Quinn will not sign away his rights until they do a DNA test to prove that Callie is his daughter. He also wants Callie to sign an agreement saying she will not sue him.

Callie does the DNA test because she wants to be adopted, but she is disappointed when Robert Quinn does not show up when she takes it. After a talk with Mariana, Callie decides to Google Robert Quinn to learn more about him and is shocked when he turns out to be her most loyal customer.

Robert Quinn shows up at Callie's job again and she confronts him about stalking her and trying to buy her love with tips. Quinn claims that he just wanted to see her and says that he did not want to put Callie through the DNA test, but his lawyers insisted on it. Quinn says he did not know that Callie's mother was pregnant when he left her, despite what Mr. Jacob told Callie. Quinn then claims he knew Callie was his daughter the moment he saw her. She has to get back to work, so he gives her a letter before he leaves.
The letter Quinn gives Callie is not from him -- it's from his daughter, Sophia. Quinn told Sophia about Callie and she is excited about the prospect of having a sister. Sophia writes that she wants to meet Callie and hopes Callie feels the same. Sophia also sends along a picture with her letter and Callie's jaw drops when she sees the resemblance.

Has Jude Lost a Friend?

Jude goes with Connor and his dad to batting practice and we realize that Connor's dad is a jerk. He is nice enough to Jude when Jude struggles with hitting the ball, but he pushes Connor and points out every mistake Connor makes. When Jude sees how awful Connor feels after his dad yells at him, Jude tries to comfort his friend. But Connor's dad interprets the innocent gesture as something more.

Later, Connor tells Jude that he cannot sleep over at Jude's house anymore because his dad thinks Jude is gay. Connor says he knows it is not true, but he has to do what his dad says. Our beloved Judicorn musters up all the bravery he has built up over the years and asks Connor if he would still want to sleep over if he really was gay. The camera cuts away before we can see Connor's reaction.

When Callie and Mariana ask why Connor is not coming over, Jude stays mum. Here's hoping Connor realizes that Jude is the best friend he could ever have, regardless of his sexuality.

Brandon's Hand Continues to Cause Problems

Brandon is still upset about losing his ability to play as well as he once did, so he tells Stef and Lena that he wants to have the surgery to try and fix the remaining nerve damage to his hand. Stef reminds him that the doctor said the surgery was risky and any potential damage that happens during the surgery could be permanent. Brandon insists that he wants to take that risk because he cannot play the way he needs to unless his hand is 100%.

Stef and Mike talk it over and decide that Brandon should not have the surgery. Brandon is angry that they will not let him make the choice about how to handle his injury and Lena is angry that Stef and Mike made the decision without her. Later in the episode, Lena tells Brandon that she thinks the decision should be up to him because he is the only one who knows how his hand feels.

Stef is not impressed that Lena spoke to Brandon behind her back, as they are supposed to present a unified front. But Lena reminds Stef that she and Mike cut Lena out of the discussion all-together. They talk things out off-screen and decide that if Brandon still wants to pursue the surgery, they will consult more specialists to get a better idea of what they will be dealing with. But Brandon decides he wants to wait and see if the feeling in his hand comes back on its own. What has caused Brandon's change of heart?

Brandon, Meet Your New Love Interest

Earlier in the episode, Mariana and Callie drag Brandon to an all-ages show at a local bar because they need him to play chauffeur. Jesus and Emma invited them to said show because one of Emma's friends is in the band and it turns out that Emma's friend was in the same middle school band as Brandon so they know one another. Brandon is initially uninterested in the show, but becomes intrigued when the band's singer turns out to be a hot girl named Lou.

After the performance, Emma's friend asks Brandon what he thought of the show and Brandon says he enjoyed it, but he thinks their sound could be a little tighter. Lou overhears his answer and takes it as a insult. She thinks Brandon, as a classical pianist, is too buttoned-up to understand what their music is all about. But Emma's friend invites Brandon to play with them sometime.

Though Brandon and Lou do not get off to the best start, Brandon looks up the band online to get a better idea of their sound. The music -- and Lou's face -- inspires Brandon. He breaks out his keyboard and tries to play along with the recordings of their songs. Though his hand is not healed enough to perform the classical pieces he is used to, he does just fine with the recordings of Lou's music.

Other Tidbits

Timothy, the worst person on this show now that Vico is gone, tells Lena that he has been chosen to help elect the school's new principal. But Lena does not trust him to support her, since he backed out of the sperm donor agreement and is just horrible in general. And Lena really wants the job, even if it is bad timing.

At the show, Mariana develops a little crush on Emma's friend and is pleased to learn that he is single.

In other dating news, Emma and Jesus are ready to have sex. That is, until Emma's ability to tell Jesus exactly what she likes in that department freaks Jesus out. The next day, he tells Emma that she is too bossy and Emma dumps him. As she should.

Stef questions Dani about the night Ana disappeared and gets confirmation on Mike's bloody hands. But when Stef talk to Mike later in the episode, he claims that he got into a drunken bar fight. He also claims he never saw or spoke to Ana the night she disappeared. If the body the cops find in the episode's final moments turns out to be Ana's, will Mike's story hold up?

What did you think of tonight's episode of The Fosters? Is Mike lying about not seeing Ana that night or did the witness misidentify him? Is Quinn telling the truth about not knowing that Callie's mom was pregnant? Should Emma kick Jesus to the curb for good or do you hope she gives him another chance? What do you think of Brandon and Mariana's new love interests? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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