'The Fosters' Recap: Ana's Fate is Revealed
'The Fosters' Recap: Ana's Fate is Revealed
Megan Cole
Megan Cole
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In last week's episode, Callie met her half-sister, Jude stopped talking, Mariana learned the real reason she landed a spot on the dance team and Jesus got closer to Hayley. And we went two straight weeks without a mention of Mike's bloody hands or Ana's disappearance.

In this week's episode, "Truth Be Told," Stef struggles with her suspicions of Mike's involvement in Ana's possible death, Jesus deals with more romantic complications and Brandon finally tells someone his secret. Read on to find out if the fifth episode of The Fosters season 2 delivers the heart and heartache we have come to expect.

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Everyone is Concerned for Jude

Jude is still not talking and the family is worried. Stef explains that they talked to Jude's therapist and his silence is a coping mechanism related to an anxiety disorder. Stef and Lena think they should just keep things as normal as possible and not pressure Jude to talk.

Callie fears Jude's silence is her fault because of her new relationship with Sophia. Callie intends to stop seeing Sophia, something that is complicated by Sophia's visit to her house. Sophia stops by to give Callie a gift, but she has to rush off right away.

Connor tells Lena that he is worried Jude's silence is his fault. He tells her that his father believes Jude is gay and that is why he is not allowed to spend the night at their house anymore. Connor also tells Lena that he told Jude what his father thinks and Connor fears that Jude is upset because Connor did not stand up to his father. Lena assures him that Jude's silence is not his fault and that Jude will talk to him again when he is ready.

Lena talks to Jude later that night and tells him about her conversation with Connor. She lets Jude know that there is nothing he cannot talk about with his moms.

Jesus' Romantic Woes Continue

Emma finds Jesus at school and they have a chat about their relationship. Once they clear the air, Emma wonders if they made a mistake in breaking up. Of course, Jesus fails to mention his new relationship with Hayley.

Later, Jesus confronts Mariana about not telling him that Emma stopped by the night before, but Mariana confronts him right back over stringing both girls along. Mariana advises Jesus to tell Hayley and Emma the truth as soon as possible.

The next day, Hayley and Jesus have "the talk" about their relationship and they decide to be exclusive. Hayley tells Jesus that she thinks they should go public, but Jesus wants to hold off. He explains that Emma might want to get back together with him, and he does not want to make her feel worse by flaunting his relationship with Hayley.

Later, Hayley tracks down Mariana and tells her that she thinks Mariana should speak to Emma before the truth about Hayley and Jesus comes out. Mariana is hesitant, especially since she is not convinced that Jesus will not change his mind again, but Hayley manipulates her into saying something to Emma.

When Jesus finds out Mariana told Emma that he and Hayley are a couple, Jesus is furious. Mariana accuses her brother of using girls and says she told Emma the truth for all womankind. But Jesus says Mariana only did it so she would remain on good terms with the girls on the dance team. While I do not think Jesus or Mariana set out to hurt anyone, they both did what they did for selfish reasons. That being said, Hayley is clearly manipulating both of them and I hope they both wise up to this soon.

Brandon and the Special Brownies

Brandon's bandmates take him into the woods for what Brandon thinks is band practice. What actually happens is that the band members get high and chill out where no one can bother them. Brandon initially has no interest in their special pot brownies, but he eventually gives in and takes one.

Brandon has a bad reaction to the pot, so he calls Lena and asks her to pick him up. Lena is very understanding about Brandon's condition and she stays with him until his high wears off. Once Brandon starts to feel more like himself, he tells Lena that he slept with Dani.

Later that night, Brandon begs Lena not to say anything about what happened with Dani. Brandon is worried that Stef will do something to Dani, and he is afraid Mike could start drinking again. Lena tells Brandon not to ask her to keep quiet, but Brandon continues to plead with her, fearing that the people he loves will never look at him the same way again.

I am relieved that someone other than Dani and Brandon knows what went on between them. After Brandon confides in her, Lena tells Brandon that what Dani did was not just wrong, it was illegal. I hope Lena is able to convince Brandon that what happened was not his fault and he had no control over the situation. Dani raped Brandon and I am glad the show finally addressed that.

The Mike-Ana Connection

Stef is still anxious over Ana's possible demise and Mike's potential involvement in her murder. She now has Ana's dental records to compare to the Jane Doe in the morgue, but Stef holds off on handing them in until she talks things through with Lena.

Stef tells Lena about her theory that Mike may have killed Ana to protect the family, but Lena is not convinced. Lena does not think Mike is capable of murder, but Stef has seen enough on the job to know that anyone is capable of anything if pushed to their limit.

Stef does eventually turn over the dental records, but she does not feel good about it. After a heated discussion with Dani, Stef decides to follow Mike when he leaves work for the night. She tracks him to a motel, and after a moment of hesitation, she walks up to the room he entered and knocks on the door. Stef is shocked when Ana answers the door, looking very much alive.

But if Ana is okay, who did Mike have a fight with that night? And did that person survive the fight or does Stef still need to worry about Mike facing a possible murder charge?

Other Tidbits

-- Callie and Wyatt are ready to have sex, despite Callie's probation, but Callie cannot go through with it. Wyatt tells Callie that he can wait until she is ready, but poor Callie does not understand why she freaked out. She thinks she sees Liam later on at work, but does not realize that it is all connected. Callie does tell Jude about seeing someone she thought was Liam, and even though Jude is still not ready to talk, he finds a way to comfort his sister.   

-- Aside from threatening Brandon into keeping quiet about what happened between them, Dani also tries to manipulate Stef. Dani shows up at the police station and pretends that she is concerned about Mike. She claims Mike has been working all the time and she is afraid that he is drinking again or having an affair. Stef is not buying any of it, but Dani tells her that if she cares about Brandon, she will check up on Mike. Congratulations, Dani. You are worse than both Vico and Timothy combined.

What did you think of this week's episode of The Fosters? Do you think Lena will tell Stef what Dani did to Brandon? Are things finished between Jesus and Emma now, or will Jesus break up with Hayley instead? And why was Mike visiting Ana at a motel? Did he get into a fight with someone to protect Ana? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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