[Video] 'The Following': Who is Lily?
[Video] 'The Following': Who is Lily?
Carla Day
Carla Day
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The Following threw out a shocker in last week's episode when Lily's true identity was revealed. She wasn't a victim of the subway attack, instead she was a plant. And, it got even more interesting ... she's Luke and Mark's mother! 

In "Family Affair," the FBI and Ryan are searching for her, while she brings together her family.

The FBI uncovers information about Lily in the below sneak peek for "Family Affair."

The FBI's hunting Lily. She raised the twins without anyone knowing, plus added a few more young people to her "family." Lily tells Emma, "Early on, I could see that Luke and Mark were different and I chose to love them for exactly who they are."

Ryan gets a lead on Giselle and wants to find her in order to get closer to Lily.

"Emma Doesn't Trust Lily" sneak peek

Emma's now with Lily, the twins and their family. Lily attempts to bond with Emma and let her know she's safe. Emma's not eager to trust her. Will they be friends? 

Seems they both are after the same thing -- Joe Carroll. And, that would put them in competition with each other. Who would you trust? Emma or Lily?

"The Max Factor" sneak peek

Ryan and Max discuss Lily's motivation in targeting Ryan. Lily has a clean record, so why would she give up her work as an art dealer to be involved in the subway attack? 

Ryan believes Lily did it to lure out Joe Carroll. He believes Joe's still alive. Max is "skeptical," but wants to help him at risk of her job. 

They are family. And, Max and Ryan should work together.

The Following airs Mondays at 9 pm ET on FOX.

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