'The Following' Video Sneak Peeks: Joe and Claire are Reunited on 'Whips & Regrets'
'The Following' Video Sneak Peeks: Joe and Claire are Reunited on 'Whips & Regrets'
Carla Day
Carla Day
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On the last episode of The Following, Claire willingly went with Roderick to be reunited with Joey. The cost is that she will also have to come face-to-face with her ex-husband again. Does he love her enough to keep her safe? Or, will he cause Claire harm? While the Carroll family is reunited, the FBI investigates the lead they found from Charlie's emails. What will Parker and Ryan find at the Follower server site?

Spoiler alert: This article contains The Following spoilers and clips.

Official synopsis: After losing Claire to Joe's followers, Ryan and Parker attempt to recover while the FBI tracks down an undercover location that may have dark ties to Joe's following. Meanwhile, Claire adjusts to life at the follower's mansion and has an unexpected reunion, while Emma and Jacob continue to deal with Emma's betrayal.

Check out the preview.

Highlights from the "Whips & Regrets" preview:

  • "They're running some kind of boot camp." -- Ryan
  • Roderick takes a mask off Claire, so she doesn't know where the Follower house is located.
  • "You said once you had your family back we would begin." -- Roderick
    "Enough!" -- Joe
  • Roderick isn't blindly or obediently following Joe.
  • "You want to see your son? Make an effort." -- Jacob after pushing her to the ground. Ouch.
  • Oh, wow. Claire got all pretty'd up for her reunion with Joe.
  • "They are planning some sort of major attack." -- Parker
  • "You will love me again." -- Joe
The FBI tracked down the server location for the Follower recruitment website. Parker and Ryan head out to search for the physical site . They find the internet source within a club. And, they go in to investigate unsure of what they will find.

Creator and Executive Producer Kevin Williamson provides insight into the episode, "It's dark. It's creepy. They see a bunch of crazy, weird stuff. They don't know where the danger lies. They discover that in a very scary terrifying way. It one of our scarier episodes."

The Following airs on Mondays at 9 pm ET on FOX.

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