[Video] 'The Following' Sneak Peek: Ryan's Investigation Shifts
[Video] 'The Following' Sneak Peek: Ryan's Investigation Shifts
Carla Day
Carla Day
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After last Monday's soul-crushing conclusion, The Following doesn't let up at all. "The Messenger" begins with the funeral for Mike's father and then the investigation into Joe and Lily continues. The investigation takes a bit of a turn for Ryan when he gets help from an unexpected source.

Check out "The Messenger" sneak peeks.

The Producers Sneak Peek

"The Messenger" begins with the funeral for Mike's father. At the wake, FBI Director Franklin approaches Ryan and recruits the former agent for an off-the-book investigation. Franklin believes Joe Carroll's alive and that there's mole inside the department. 

Ryan agrees to do help Franklin, if he's in control of the investigation. When Ryan continues his pursuit of Joe, he gets into trouble. He's maced and then tied up. It's Ryan's worse nightmare when he comes face-to-face with the man that taught Joe.

Dodging the Question sneak peek

As Ryan and Max leave the funeral, he's approached by a woman from his past. He met her when he was at a bar doing shots. She'a a journalist who believes that Joe's alive. 

Ryan avoids the question, but counters with a story about a pilot who says Ryan believed Joe was about to board his plane. She wrote the book about Havenport. He says it's not true, but he avoids answering what wasn't true.

Practicing Tolerance sneak peek

Joe's still at the compound, but the guards have "stepped back." They continue to watch him though. He's out of the white outfits and now in red. He mocks their religion and she won't tolerate it. Micah's their leader, but she makes it clear that she runs things.

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