[Video] 'The Following' Sneak Peek: Ryan vs. Joe Battle Begins
[Video] 'The Following' Sneak Peek: Ryan vs. Joe Battle Begins
Carla Day
Carla Day
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Joe came out of hiding to be reunited with Emma and to meet some new admirers on last Monday's The Followers. In "Reflection," Ryan and Max continue to track down Giselle, while Joe gets comfortable in his new home. 

The new Follower house is full of complex individuals and that's sure to be problematic with conflicting personalities and plans.

Check out the preview and sneak peek for "Reflection."

Luke's not at all happy with his mother's obsession with Joe. He tells her, "Have fun with your new boy toy." Meanwhile, Emma tells Joe that these new Followers are "crazy" and he assures her that he has a plan. 

Ryan plans to find Joe Carroll and kill his nemesis. While he may not come face-to-face with Joe right away, he does have a fire fight with Luke in a warehouse. Will they both come out of it uninjured and alive?

Hurts So Good Clip  

Max trails Giselle from the train station and Ryan shows up to help his niece capture Giselle. Ryan comes face-to-face with the target. Giselle pretends not to speak English, but Ryan's not fooled. She then tells him to shoot her and instead Max punches and knocks her out. They move Giselle so they can question her.

Lily's Jealous of Emma Clip  

Lily's disappointed that Joe hasn't spent time alone with her and blames Emma. Mark doesn't want her to be mean. He likes Emma after all.

She tells him, "You have such a big heart dear. You like everyone." Mark wants his mother to give Emma a chance. And she agrees. She wants him to "occupy" Emma, so she can be alone with Joe.

The Following airs Mondays at 9 pm ET on FOX. 

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