'The Following' Sneak Peeks: Joe Tries to Break Ryan on 'Love Hurts'
'The Following' Sneak Peeks: Joe Tries to Break Ryan on 'Love Hurts'
Carla Day
Carla Day
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Roderick's plan to torture Claire's location out of Mike failed on last week's The Following, so Joe moves into action with an even more horrendous plan of his own on "Love Hurts." The Followers have been ahead of the FBI the whole time, will the investigation finally shift in their favor?
Spoiler alert: This article contains The Following spoilers and clips. You've been warned.

Official episode synopsis: With Weston still in the hospital, Ryan and Parker attempt to outsmart their new leader Nick (guest star Mike Colter) as a way to continue their search. In a surprising move, Joe reaches out to Ryan to demand Claire's location and reveals that he will go to great lengths to lure her out of FBI custody. Meanwhile, followers from the past make a shocking return.

Check out the "Love Hurts" preview:

Highlights from the preview: 
  • "Sorry about your friends, they're kinda ... dead." -- Ryan
    "That's okay, I have more." Joe
  • "You need to tell Ryan Hardy, 'Love Hurts.'" -- Amanda
  • Something terrible happens to one of the ladies. 
  • "He's trying to break you." -- Parker
    "By targeting women with his wife's name." -- Ryan
  • How many will die?
Joe calls Ryan on a satellite phone to check in on Mike and to chat about Claire. He misses his wife and feels that Ryan would be the only one who would understand. He talks about how love is "so punishing" and "love hurts."

And, then he asks, "How much hurt can one man endure, Ryan? At what point does he break? You must let me know."

Joe's next plan is going to be deadly and cause Ryan much pain, how much will be too much for him to handle?

Joe watches the news coverage of Amanda's slaughters. Emma gets close to Joe, which makes Joe uncomfortable. He doesn't want to "advertise" their "indiscretions." Roderick walks in and looks concerned. He reports there's no news on Jacob or Paul.

The Following airs Mondays at 9 pm ET on FOX.

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