[Video] 'The Following' Sneak Peeks: Roderick and Mike Meet Again
[Video] 'The Following' Sneak Peeks: Roderick and Mike Meet Again
Carla Day
Carla Day
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Could the FBI finally make a big break on the case after being continually thwarted by Joe and his Followers? On last week's The Following, Roderick inserted himself into the investigation and on "Havenport" that ends up being a mistake. With Mike out of the hospital and back on the case, his path crosses with the man who had him beat almost to death. 

Spoiler alert: This article contains The Following spoilers and clips. 

Official synopsis: The Havenport Police Department is brought onto the case and Roderick's role as sheriff is called into question, which leads him to make a shocking decision that threatens the safety of Joey. Meanwhile, Ryan goes against the FBI, hoping to gain the trust of one of Joe's followers.

Check out the promo for "Havenport."

Highlights from the preview:
  • A woman is running and captured by Parker. Is she a Follower?
  • Ryan wants to lock down the town of Havenport.
  • "We are in trouble here and it's your fault" -- Roderick
  • Joe attacks Roderick after the Sheriff's outburst.
  • Roderick kidnaps Joey.
  • "Why did he take Joey? What's happening?" -- Claire
    "Claire! I'm having a really bad day." -- Joe 
  • Is Joe losing it?
  • Roderick has an insurance policy. Is that Joey?
  • Parker worries they are being led into a trap.
  • "I want to make a deal." -- Roderick
  • Is that Roderick that has someone (Jacob?) holding him down with a knife over his head? It doesn't look good.
  • Joe and Claire kiss?
  • Will Jacob rescue Joey?
In the opening scene from "Havenport," Mike recognizes the Sheriff as the man who kidnapped and beat him up. Roderick uses his home court advantage to his favor to get away.

The relationship between Joe and Emma has been confusing. Joe tries to clear up any mixed signals he has given her. How will she react when he pushes her away?

The Following airs Mondays at 9 pm ET on FOX.

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