'The Following' Video Sneak Peeks: Claire's in Danger on 'Guilt'
'The Following' Video Sneak Peeks: Claire's in Danger on 'Guilt'
Carla Day
Carla Day
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On The Following, Joe's Followers have failed twice to capture Claire, will they succeed on their third attempt? Or, will Ryan and the FBI be able to protect her? It's all going to come down to timing. Meanwhile, Joe uses his incredible manipulation skills to get closer to his son, Joey. FOX has released four sneak peeks and a preview video for "Guilt." Check them out!

Spoiler alert: This article contains The Following spoilers and clips.

Here's the official synopsis: After discovering Claire's location, Joe sends two followers to capture her, but Ryan may be one step ahead. Meanwhile, Jacob struggles with recent decisions causing his reunion with Emma to be less than ideal. Also, a relationship from Ryan's past plays a significant role in his future.

Check out the preview for "Guilt."

Highlights from the promo:

  • Joe is upset that Roderick failed twice, "This time I want my wife."
  • Ryan tells Claire they need to move her.
  • Roderick says, "Let's do this." His team is ready to grab Claire. Has she been moved yet?
  • "We need to find them before they find Hardy." -- Parker
  • Joe has a scary grin on his face as he drinks his glass of wine. What's that about?
  • "I know that you have this theory that everyone dies on you." -- Claire
    "It's not a theory."
  • From Claire's scream, they found her!
  • And, what did Jacob see that made him freak out?

In the below clip, "Blackout," Claire confronts Ryan about why she was kept from media access. He tells her about the "Claire Matthews" deaths. She's frustrated that no one can find Joe and his followers.

In the below clip, "Cold Shoulder," Jacob and Joey are excited to see each other again. Jacob blows off Emma and instead asks Joey to show him around the house.

In the below clip, "Favor," Jacob and Joey are looking around the house. Joey says he misses his mom and then runs out of the room when Joe shows up. Joe asks Jacob to give Emma a chance to explain herself. Joe wants him to forgive Emma.

In the below clip, "The S'mores You Know," Joe and Joey are in the kitchen together. Joe used S'mores to manipulate Joey into talking to him by incorrectly making the dessert. It's a disturbing sight to see as Joe crumbles the graham crackers. Joey ends up asking about his mother.

The Following airs Mondays at 9 pm ET on FOX.

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(Image and video courtesy of FOX.)