'The Following' Spoilers: Joe's Resurrection and Ryan's New Journey Set to Collide
'The Following' Spoilers: Joe's Resurrection and Ryan's New Journey Set to Collide
Carla Day
Carla Day
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Joe Carroll is alive and well on The Following season 2. And, Ryan's moved on with his life in New York, while continuing a secret investigation into Joe. These two are set on another collision course when a new group of Joe Carroll groupies start killing in his name. 

Executive Producer Kevin Williamson and the cast sat on a panel at the recent FOX Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour to discuss the changes coming in season two including a new tone and characters.

The Following Season 2 Changes: Williamson describes the changes in tone for this season, "[Ryan's] in a brand new starting place. We're in New York City. We have a brand new template to paint from, to paint on. ... We're not searching for Joey Matthews every single week. ... And Ryan's not sitting in the FBI anymore, and so it's more of a character thriller, more of a relationship thriller. There's a little bit of a tone shift. It still has sort of the scary, sort of fast-paced dynamic, but it's not an FBI quest of a show."

Ryan's Journey: "There's a lot of push and pull this year with [Ryan's] inner struggle.  And the idea that with the addition of his niece, Max, who is, in the Hardy tradition, is also a cop, a New York City detective. And he sort of has forged a relationship with this niece of his.  And then he has Mike Weston, he's sort of adopted him as a friend," explains Williamson

"And we sort of watch how this season, Ryan creates a family for himself, the same thing that Joe Carroll did last season. He had his family.  Well, Ryan now builds one that he never had before because he was living with and plagued with this death curse and maybe this year he might see a little hope and see a reason to live.  So there's all these sort of things in play. And then, of course, the followers come calling."

Joe Carroll's Resurrection: "We're watching the rise of Joe Carroll again and we're watching a lot more. He's got to find a new schtick. You know, he needs a new gimmick this year. Go on with the Edgar Allen Poe. Go on with that stuff. It didn't work," says Williamson.

"He's got to find something that works. So he does, and we watch him set out to do it. And [Luke] is, I think, a really good counterpoint to that and just another psychopath that sort of enters into the fray in a very funny and unique way."

Who is Lily? Connie Nielsen describes her character, "She is this international woman.  She lives this life that sort of spans the globe. She's got this art gallery in SoHo, but she's kind of like a lot of New Yorkers. She's from somewhere else.  She's also got a gallery in Paris. She's a real family person.  She's just a very complex character and a complex woman."

Check out the sneak peek for "For Joe."

Joe's living with a follower and her daughter. He says he has left his previous life behind, but has he? He's taken the young girl, Mandy, under his wings.

Ryan goes to see Lily, who survived the subway car attack. He feels a connection to her and that makes her a target. Deja vu? Luke contacts Ryan and threatens her. Luke and Mark taunt Ryan. 

The more victimized Lily becomes, the more Ryan is drawn to her.  During Luke and Mark's attack, Ryan comes face-to-face with the twins.

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