'The Following' Recap: Will Joey Be Saved?
'The Following' Recap: Will Joey Be Saved?
Carla Day
Carla Day
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On The Following, the search for Joey took a positive turn when he called his mother and then escaped to get help from a neighbor in "The Siege." The newly deputized Ryan Hardy was determined to find Claire's son and bring down Joe's followers. He even asked to talk to Claire about their relationship when this was all over. A big move for him to make.

Joey's a Smart Kid

While his captors were sleeping, Joey climbed up the bookcase, got the hidden mobile phone and called his mother. That was the clue the FBI needed to put them in the area to save Joey. 

After being caught on the phone by Paul, Denise (Emma) told Joey that he was okay with them. Joey sensed that something was wrong  and then overheard Paul talking with Emma about their lies. Joey used this opportunity to escape.

His meeting with the neighbors was the second pivotal moment to the Ryan and the FBI finding him. And, then after being locked in his room by Emma, Joey busted his way out just in time to find Ryan there.

The Threesome

After the shower together, Emma, Jacob and Paul had a bit more fun in bed. When Jacob woke up, he was no longer interested in that. He stood up to Paul and told him that he wasn't gay and dismissed the relationship. Paul insisted that Jacob kill Megan in order to join them fully and even helped picked out a knife for him to use.

The relationship between these three shifted quickly from a true romance between Emma and Jacob with Paul on the outside to Paul gaining favor with Emma and Jacob feeling like an outsider. Paul has stepped up to overtake Emma as the group's leader.

When Jacob still couldn't kill Megan. Paul tried to comfort his former lover, but it wasn't any help.
Olivia, Joe's Lawyer and Mouthpiece

Joe contacted his former lawyer, Olivia, to be his mouthpiece. He ordered her to read a Poe reading to the press, which activated a new cell of followers. And, then she went to see Claire with a message from Joe. If Claire wanted to ever see her son again, she needed to go to a specific location alone. If she didn't, she would never see Joey again.

She updated Joe that the FBI found the farmhouse, that the press picked up her statement, and that she delivered Joe's message to Claire. She was concerned about what he was having her do. She didn't want to be his messenger, but he reminded her it was better than being a recipient.

In a flashback, we see that Joe sent someone to cut off her fingers when she gave up being his lawyer. Unlike followers under his charm, Olivia is helping Joe out of fear. She went from a confident, arrogant lawyer to a fearful person.

Claire's an Idiot

After her meeting with Olivia, Claire set up a lunch with a friend in order to get out of the house. The FBI accompanied her to the lunch, but Claire was still able to get away. At least the FBI agent watching her didn't just believe she went to the bathroom. He did his due diligence by checking outside, but Claire outsmarted him.

She was met by a car with one of Joe's followers driving it. She briefly considered not getting in, but then went with him. Stupid. She didn't even take her phone or purse with her. She's out there on her own and no one knows where she's gone.

Joey may be saved, but now Joe has another hostage.

Ryan is Deputized

With the lead on Joey's whereabouts, Special Agent Parker deputized Ryan and sent them to find the boy. Given Mike's rogue trip with Ryan, Parker reminded Mike to keep her in the loop.
Ryan was the closest to the neighbors who called in the Joey sighting and he showed up with a local officer. They found the neighbors' dead bodies. 

Ryan took off towards the neighboring farmhouse. Instead of waiting for back-up, he headed towards the house with the cop. The new follower saw the cop, approached him, and shot him. Ryan arrived after and killed the follower.

Emma, Jacob and Paul became aware that they had been found. Ryan entered the farmhouse and found Megan in the basement and then Joey upstairs. Then, Ryan was taken off guard and Paul had a gun at his neck with Joey at the top of the stairs.
Will back-up get there in time to save both Ryan and Joey? 

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