'The Following' Recap: It's Through Death That We Both Live
'The Following' Recap: It's Through Death That We Both Live
Carla Day
Carla Day
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Are Joe and Ryan that different on The Following? In "The Curse," Joe believes that they aren't and he doesn't even know the whole story. The basis for Ryan's obsession with his "death curse" was finally revealed through flashbacks and it explains his life's choices and his inability to get close to anyone. 

Don't Mess With Claire

Joe's ex-wife willingly got into Roderick's car and she's not letting anyone push her around in the Follower House now. After the disastrous dinner with Joe, she took matters into her own hands and showed her strength.

Her decision to try an escape with Joey wasn't the best option, but one that she had to attempt. It was possible that Joe and the Followers didn't think she would run. If the gate hadn't been locked, maybe they could have gotten away. Though, a night attempt would have been less conspicuous.

She returned to the house, but after that Claire held nothing back. She tried to get online, read Joe's book, attacked Emma, compounded Roderick's doubts about Joe, and most importantly put Joe in his place.

She didn't hold back at all. With Joe turning to Emma for comfort, will that put Claire at risk? Or, will she and Joey remain golden in the house?

Joe and Ryan Face Off

Once again Joe and Ryan ended up across from one another and they both made it out alive and free. It's scary how they feed off each other and with Ryan's past revealed it makes more sense than ever.

Ryan's "death curse" has been the key to Joe's attraction to his main character. It's kept Ryan from having a healthy, long-lasting relationship with anyone. Joe believes that Ryan has been driven by the guilt over his father's death, but that's not the source of Ryan's trouble.

Instead, Ryan believes he has and continues to pay for his complicity in forcing his father's killer to overdose on drugs. This is the secret that Joe is missing that is crucial to the story he is trying to write.

Joe believes that "through death" they both live. While Joe embraces that death, Ryan has continually tried to escape from it. Through capturing Joe initially, Ryan thought he could find some redemption, but instead he became further isolated from people. 

Will Ryan push harder now that Joe has escaped from him again? Or, will he pull back into his reclusive shell?

A Darker Mike Returns

Mike rejoined the investigation still bruised and broken. The injuries on his face hadn't even healed and he was back on the job. Dedication? Or, stupidity? I'm not sure, but he was no longer the bright-eyed agent.

Mike returned darker and more willing to cross the lines than ever. When he was initially partnered up with Ryan, Mike was willing to look the other way when Ryan crossed the line. Now, Mike was doing it.

He busted into a building, he beat up a guy in the house without provocation, and he no longer saw black and white. He was angry and willing to do whatever he deemed necessary to bring down those involved with Joe.

The heart-to-heart between Mike and Ryan in the ambulance was touching. Ryan didn't tell him not to cross the lines, but warned Mike against doing something he couldn't live with. Solid advice from a man who has been there. 

Odds and Ends

  • Molly took care of Ryan when he stopped back at his apartment. Creepy.
  • Vince turned on Roderick without any hesitation. It's probably a good thing Ryan killed Vince, because otherwise Roderick would have likely tortured him for speaking out of turn.
  • Parker named Carroll's religion "Carrollism." 
  • Emma's smile while talking with Claire was freaky. Did Emma really think that everything was going to be okay between them? 
  • Jacob was a "golden boy" from a "golden family." So, he did have a good upbringing. Why did he feel compelled to join the group? It was heartbreaking to watch him call his father with tears running down his face. I'm still hopeful he can be redeemed.
  • Claire calling Emma a "sick little girl." Awesome!
  • Joe and Emma on the kitchen counter? This sexual relationship is not going to end well. Which of them will end up with a knife stuck in them first?
  • Roderick is brought into the investigation in his role as Sheriff. How long before Mike sees him? It better be quick.
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