'The Following' Recap: Going Rogue
'The Following' Recap: Going Rogue
Carla Day
Carla Day
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Have we finally met all of Joe's followers? On "Mad Love," no new followers were revealed, but the existing ones were creating enough trouble on their own. The Following was all about going rogue this week. The threesome of Emma, Paul, and Jacob dealt with the unexpected guest in the basement, while Ryan contended with the a revenge-seeking Maggie.

Ryan's Downward Spiral and Broken Heart

In flashbacks, Ryan's sister, Jenny, helped him through his troubled times after Joe was captured and he broke things off with Claire. He was in a bad place drinking too much, skipping doctor's appointments, and cutting off everyone. 

Ryan ended his relationship with Claire because he didn't want to be a constant reminder of the worst part of her life. He let her go because he loved her. Without Claire's love, he pushed everyone away, including Jenny.

His heart was broken both physically and emotionally by Joe Carroll. Even now that Claire is back in Ryan's life, he won't let her in. He'll stay all night to make sure she feels safe, but that's it. It was heartbreaking to see him rebuff her offer for breakfast. She still loves him too.

Saving Jenny

The rogue follower, Maggie, wanted revenge for her husband's death and decided to go after Ryan's sister. She baited Ryan to New York City to kill him. He took the bait and ran off without telling Parker what was going on.

Mike recognized Ryan's behavior and immediately knew that it was about Ryan's sister when Parker said the call was from "Jenny." He chased after Ryan and demanded to go with him, even risking his job. Though, Mike was sure he'd get off easy, "I think I'm traumatized from the lose of a fellow agent. I'm not thinking clearly. I'll probably get off with a warning."

They drove all the way to New York and Ryan insisted on going into the restaurant on his own and unarmed. Ryan told Mike to focus on saving Jenny. Ryan was prepared to die to protect his sister. Maggie tied Ryan up and used magnets to interfere with his pacemaker claiming she wasn't murdering him. Instead, she was just finishing Joe's killing.

What was up with Mike? He took his sweet time getting in there to save both Ryan and Jenny, but he was successful. Ryan asked Jenny to go away for a while to keep her safe. Mike was reprimanded for going with Ryan and ignoring Parker's calls. And, Joe was down another follower.

The Threesome

Paul created quite a mess when he kidnapped Megan. Emma was upset that Jacob didn't take care of Megan as he told her he would. Paul revealed Jacob's big secret to Emma. It wasn't that the fake gay couple had sexual relations, but that Jacob had lied about killing a girl. Jacob had never killed anyone.

Emma gave Jacob knife to kill Megan and join the killer ranks. Even though the other followers didn't know about Jacob's lie, he had talked to Joe about it on a prison visit. Jacob came clean and and Joe replied, "and one day you will, but when you are ready." That day still had not come, Jacob cut Megan free and let her escape. 

Emma and Paul went after the girl, captured and stabbed her, then put her back in the basement. The pair were muddy  from getting Megan and ended up in the shower together.

Jacob found Megan back in the basement and then saw Emma and Jacob in the shower together. At first he was bewildered, but then Emma said, "We're not giving up on you." and he joined them in the shower. 

Will Emma be drawn to Paul now instead of Jacob because they are both killers? Now, that Megan is in the basement again, will they take care of her or force Jacob to do it? Now that they are all getting along, will Emma and Jacob add Paul to their relationship and make it three?

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